Your Weekly Tarot Reading: September 27-October 3, 2021: The Best Is Yet to Come!

September 27, 2021

Good news! According to your weekly Tarot pull, the best is yet to come!

This week’s Tarot cards encourage us to embrace an optimistic perspective as we let go of the past and continue to move forward with a refreshed point of view. The proverbial glass is half full, so take a sip of what life has to offer you. Remember that beautiful, exciting, soul-satisfying opportunities await you.

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Aries: Page of Cups

Express how you feel, Aries! Don’t be afraid to be a little more vulnerable this week, and let people know that you care for them. Be more transparent with your emotions! Even if it is not reciprocated, at least you will know you tried as you put yourself out there.

Taurus: Ten of Swords

Life will not always be this challenging, Taurus. It’s going to get better than this, but this part is the hardest. Don’t take on too much this week as you focus on your own well-being and healing. Let go of the past and keep moving forward because sunnier days are ahead for you.

Gemini: Ten of Pentacles Reversed

How do you define personal success, Gemini? Let go of others’ expectations of you and tap into your own vision of how life should feel and look to meet your own standards. Meditate on this notion this week as you seek stability in the instability of your current situation.

Cancer: Five of Pentacles Reversed

Remain optimistic, Cancer. There have been some obstacles that have come up to obstruct your progress lately, but you have seamlessly navigated your way around them! Notice how what once felt unattainable is now coming to fruition, and everything is beginning to look up. Celebrate the fact that you have gotten this far as you continue on this journey to success.

Leo: Two of Pentacles

Don’t lose your focus, Leo. Your ability to multitask effectively is your greatest strength this week! As you balance all your responsibilities, be sure to double check your to-do list to ensure that no task slips through the cracks unfinished.

Virgo: Five of Cups Reversed

You are healing and moving forward, Virgo! With the passage of time, you have been able to gain clarity around a recent loss and find a newfound acceptance for what really happened. This new perspective is incredibly healing for you! Focus your energy this week on meaningful pursuits that satisfy your spiritual path to continue your forward momentum.

Libra: Eight of Swords Reversed

Own your mistakes, Libra. Everyone messes up sometimes, but wallowing in self-pity will not make this situation any better! Let go of that victim mentality once and for all because it just is not productive or helpful. It is never too late to admit where you went wrong and offer an apology to the hurt party involved.

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Scorpio: The Chariot

Your weekly Tarot reading urges you to stay motivated, Scorpio. When it comes to achieving your goals, you know that keeping your eye on the prize as you chip away at what needs to get done will lead to your ultimate success! Even though your progress feels slow right now, just keep doing what you have been doing. Remember that achieving anything of value requires effort and focus.

Sagittarius: Seven of Cups Reversed

Your weekly Tarot reading wants you to make a move, Sagittarius. You have been waiting for the “perfect” moment to put your plan into action, but you are just delaying your own progress! In order to achieve the success you desire, you need to stop daydreaming and just take a risk already.

Capricorn: Ten of Wands Reversed

Don’t give up yet, Capricorn. It feels like you have taken on the weight of the world this week, and you are beginning to buckle under all that pressure! Delegate some of your responsibilities because it is too challenging to stay on top of everything right now. Remember to say “no” more than you say “yes” this week in order to preserve your own well-being.

Aquarius: The Star

Infinite possibilities lay before you, Aquarius, and the best move to make right now is to embrace a positive mindset! Remember to look on the bright side this week as a shift in perspective will change everything for you for the better. Listen to your intuition, go with the flow, and you will create more opportunities with ease.

Pisces: The Hierophant

Your weekly Tarot reading urges you to share your knowledge with others, Pisces. The best way to feel unstuck now is through connecting with others. Have a brainstorming session with colleagues so you can hear each other out as you bring your unique perspectives to the table. Bouncing ideas around will lead to the inspiration you have been seeking.

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