Your Weekly Tarotscope for January 24 to 30: Things are Looking Up

January 23, 2022

Have you been overindulging lately to combat the emotional doldrums of a general January malaise? This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards acknowledge the boredom and desire for excess while offering support in seeking a more centered sense of balance. Instead of overdoing it for fleeting pleasure, seek alternative avenues to improve your mood. This week’s Tarotscopes provide further guidance.

Aries: Knight of Swords Reversed

Slow down, Aries. Your enthusiasm for a new project is building, but remember to consider your options more carefully before you rush into solidifying concrete decisions. The sense of urgency you are creating is only in your mind, and there is no need to actually move this quickly. Taking a minute to be more thoughtful and less impulsive will serve you well this week.

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Taurus: The Fool Reversed

Be in the moment, Taurus. Don’t waste your energy future tripping over the possibilities of what could possibly go wrong. If you focus on negativity, you will miss out on all of the fun you could be having right now in the present. Take it easy, and chill out.

Gemini: Nine of Pentacles Reversed

Reel in your spending, Gemini. You might feel tempted to splurge this week, but, before you start shelling out your money, carefully consider if this purchase is actually something you really want or just an impulse buy for the thrill of a dopamine rush.

Cancer: Temperance Reversed

Avoid excess, Cancer. Whether it is boredom or a general January malaise, but lately you have been overindulging in more decadence than usual. Yes, there really can be “too much of a good thing,” and it is finally starting to catch up to you this week. Embrace a little moderation in order to feel better and more balanced.

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Leo: The Tower

Make a major change, Leo. No matter how hard you try, something in your life just is not working, leaving you feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled. Sitting back and doing nothing is no longer an option! Shake things up and initiate a drastic change. There will be some upheaval but everything will fall into place and allow you to move forward.

Virgo: Six of Wands

Enjoy the accolades, Virgo! You have been crushing your goals much faster than you initially expected, and others are taking notice of your accomplishments. Before moving forward to your next endeavor, allow your friends and family to celebrate your success with you.

Libra: The Hierophant

Get out of your own head, Libra. The situation you are currently facing is a little too much to tackle on your own so seek out the guidance of a mentor or a wise friend. Being able to gain valuable insight through someone else will uncover the missing pieces you were unable to find on your own.

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Scorpio: Six of Swords Reversed

Keep moving forward, Scorpio. It is hard to move on when memories from your past are dragging you down this week, and it is certainly not helping when you continue to scroll through your phone looking at photos from a time gone by! Stop looking backwards and let all of that old pain and regret go.

Sagittarius: Strength

Remain calm, Sagittarius. Challenges are popping up this week that will test your patience, but you can easily resolve them if you choose to respond with composure rather than reacting out of frustration. Remember to just breathe through times of tension and act with a cool head.

Capricorn: Wheel of Fortune

Take the initiative, Capricorn. Consider the area of your life where you would like to create a change and start to make the moves to follow through with it. Whether it is at work or in your personal life, the time to make a big shift is now.

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Aquarius: The Magician

Embrace your talents, Aquarius. A major opportunity is coming your way, but you need to have the confidence in yourself to fully accept this challenge. This is a moment to truly step into your power and show off your skills! Do not let your fears or sense of imposter syndrome hold you back. 

Pisces: The Lovers Reversed

Take responsibility for your actions, Pisces. The pressure is on at work and the extra stress you have been feeling in your daily life is creating disharmony in your personal relationships. Own it, apologize, and let the people closest to you know how much you truly care about them.