Your Weekly Tarot Reading: April 12-18, 2021

April 11, 2021

Decisions are being made, and this week, the Tarot cards suggest that sound advice is needed to move forward. This moment of pause provides an opportunity to pose several questions: Do you need an alternative perspective in order to make a move? Could you benefit from the wisdom and experience of someone else? Or, are you the one who holds the key to offer the much-needed advice right now?

As always, when seeking counsel from others, always consider the source before proceeding. Read on for this week’s Tarotscopes to get you out of your own head and connected to your intuition.

Learn what each card of the tarot deck means—the major arcana, the minor arcana, they’re all here!

Aries: Page of Cups Reversed

Seek inspiration, Aries. Are you feeling creatively blocked and unable to produce anything that lives up to your very high standards right now? Release the pressure you are putting upon yourself and just take a break. Clear your head by taking a stroll in nature and listening to your favorite playlist. Returning with a refreshed mindset will get those creative juices flowing again.

Taurus: Justice

Take responsibility for your actions, Taurus. You know what’s right in your current situation so now, it’s time to act accordingly. If you made a mistake, own your part and act with integrity. People around you will take notice of how you handled this and be inspired by your honesty.

Gemini: Ten of Swords

It’s time to rebuild, Gemini. Before you move forward, rest assured that you did everything you could to salvage your last situation to the point that the only resolution now is to just walk away and do something else. One door has come to a close, yet another one is about to open. What will you embark upon next?

Cancer: Ten of Wands Reversed

It’s time to simplify, Cancer. This week calls for a major spring cleaning! Purge your closets and get rid of and donate any extra stuff that has been taking up too much space. Once you declutter your home, you will find that relaxing peace of mind you have been seeking.

Leo: Five of Cups Reversed

Accept the setback, Leo. Up until now you were riding high and cruising fast with forward momentum, but unexpected delays have brought your initial progress to a grinding halt. This might be frustrating, but use this momentary pause as a learning experience. What changes can you make now in order to have a more satisfying experience in the near future?

Virgo: Temperance

Remain impartial, Virgo. Everyone is going to try to pull you to their side this week, but you should remain neutral. Feel free to listen to all sides and consider several perspectives to the same situation, but wait until next week to draw any conclusions or to take a firm stance on this matter.

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Libra: King of Swords Reversed

Create a new routine, Libra. Everything has been feeling a little more chaotic lately as you adjust to the recent changes in your life, but the real root of the issue stems from the complete lack of structure within your day. In order to feel more grounded and stable, try sticking to a schedule that best suits your energy right now.

Scorpio: Five of Swords

Is this really worth fighting over, Scorpio? The current conflict you have found yourself entangled in seems to be really weighing on your mind. Before pressing forward and possibly creating a bigger mess, ask yourself if this issue is actually as outrageous as it feels, or is it simply more of a minor miscommunication? Is this really something you want to invest more of your energy towards?

Sagittarius: Eight of Swords

Embrace a new perspective, Sagittarius. Even though you feel trapped in your current situation, there is still a way out if you seek a new point of view. Get out of your own head (and your way!) by taking the help being offered to you by your close inner circle. They have the ability to assist you in uncovering the solutions already available to you.

Capricorn: King of Cups

Remain neutral, Capricorn. You are going to be doling out a lot of advice this week as others know they can count on you to be balanced and offer a stable perspective. Indulge in offering your wisdom, but keep your own opinions and judgments out of it.

Aquarius: Queen of Swords

Be direct, Aquarius. There is no need to waste any time by beating around the bush right now or water down your communication with unnecessary explanations. Being short and to the point will gain you respect from others. In fact, do not be surprised if everyone is coming to you for no-nonsense advice from now on.

Pisces: Three of Pentacles Reversed

Stop procrastinating, Pisces. When it comes to work this week, you will be most productive if you forget the teamwork and go at it alone. Stop putting off your tasks and getting caught up in everyone else’s distractions. It is time for you to focus!

Image by Viva Luna via Unsplash