Your Weekly Tarot Reading: December 28-January 3, 2021

December 27, 2020

The new year is upon us, and the Tarot cards have potent messages to assist us in tying up the loose ends of 2020 in order to move forward into 2021 ready to embrace the abundance of opportunities being presented to us. Have you set your intentions for the new year yet, or are you still figuring out which direction to embark upon? What needs to still be cleared away in order to welcome in a new energy? Allow the cards to guide you and provide a little more clarity in your search.

We could all use a little more magick, so let’s start the new year right with a little ritual! When was the last time you did a deep clean of your home? Like a “pull everything out, look it all over, and decide if it brings you joy Marie Kondo-style decluttering and deep cleansing”? The end of the year provides a great opportunity to get rid of old stuff you no longer desire. Bag up the clothing you no longer wear, the stuff that no longer brings joy, the things you have not used in forever, and donate to a local shelter or organization. Sweep your home of physical and energetic dust. Begin in one far corner and move through your entire space, cleansing your home of old sentiments and stale intentions. Buff out that negativity! Think about all of the lessons you have learned in this past year and what wisdom you will keep with you as well as what memories and feelings you wish to release.

On New Year’s Eve, I like to open up my windows and “energetically throw” what is no longer serving me out of them. Old relationships, failed plans, dusty feelings…it all goes out the window! (In Italy, some people celebrate the new year by throwing unwanted physical things out the window…I do not recommend this, but I love the sentiment!) By doing this, you are lightening both the energetic and physical load while creating space to set your new intentions. Finish this ritual by putting on your favorite playlist and dancing around your home visualizing all the incredible things you will do in 2021: the accomplishments you will celebrate, the love you will feel, the memories you will create: DREAM BIG!

Happy New Year to you!

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Aries: King of Wands Reversed

Have you been feeling disappointed in yourself lately, Aries? It might be time to reel in your expectations. Use this week to reassess and reevaluate your goals. It’s wonderful to be ambitious, but when you put too much pressure on yourself, take on too much, and set unrealistic deadlines, it only leads to feelings of frustration and defeat. Don’t give up, just refocus, and be more practical.

Taurus: Knight of Cups

Get swept up in romance, Taurus! Let your heart lead the way and let that special someone know how you feel. Write a love letter, and do not hold back. Let those feelings out on the page! Seal it with a kiss and send it in the mail—so classic!

Gemini: The Hierophant Reversed

Think outside of the box, Gemini. To succeed this week, you need to get creative and seek alternative solutions to the issues that continue to come up. Try a new approach, and do not be afraid to get a little “out there” because the wilder the concept, the better. If it feels a little rebellious, then you are on the right track!

Cancer: Knight of Pentacles Reversed

Ease up on the perfectionism, Cancer. No one can meet your standards right now, not even you! You need to lighten up a bit and adjust your expectations because being so intensely critical of yourself and others is not doing you any favors. Chill out, soften your outlook, and attempt to be more understanding.

Leo: Page of Wands Reversed

What is holding you back, Leo? Whatever it is, it’s time to take a look at it and address it! You have some new ideas you want to put into practice, but you are feeling so indecisive and are so worried about failing that you cannot let yourself even begin! Release that harsh self-criticism and limiting beliefs and just go for it already.

Virgo: Page of Pentacles

Seize this moment, Virgo! A new work opportunity is being presented to you, and the cards say you should take it! Let yourself get swept up in the excitement of the possibilities, but trust your common sense. Remember that you can create whatever you desire with thoughtful intentions and a focus on your plan.

Libra: Three of Swords

Acknowledge your pain, Libra. It’s an emotional week and instead of denying it, allow yourself to feel all of your feelings. The disappointments from your past are bubbling up to the surface, and it’s time to face them. This is the only way to let go and truly move forward.

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Scorpio: Queen of Pentacles Reversed

Focus on self-care, Scorpio. You are so accustomed to providing and nurturing those around you, but you have been neglecting your own needs. Make yourself a priority this week, and show yourself some much needed TLC with luxurious baths and delicious meals. Everyone else will be just fine if you give yourself a little more attention now.

Sagittarius: Wheel of Fortune

This is a turning point for you, Sagittarius. A new opportunity is being presented to you that is beyond your wildest dreams! Will you take it? This is your moment to make significant changes in your life—all you have to do is say “yes.”

Capricorn: Six of Swords

Let it go, Capricorn. Whatever heaviness is dragging you down and holding you back, now is the most aligned time to release it all. It is okay to be sad about something not working out or going as you had previously expected, but living in the past means you cannot move forward. Give yourself permission to move on.

Aquarius: Eight of Swords

Get out of your head, Aquarius! You are stuck on an endless loop of self-doubt and negativity, and it’s time to break the pattern. The only one holding you back is YOU! Let go of the self-limiting nonsense and the beliefs that are keeping you small and stagnant and allow yourself to blossom. Be kinder to yourself! When you change your thinking, you create a new reality.

Pisces: The Fool

Be spontaneous and take a chance, Pisces! What is something you have always dreamed of doing? This is your moment to go after what you really want in life and make it happen. Lean into your free-spirited side and embrace this new opportunity! If you overthink it, you will miss out.