Your Weekly Tarot Reading: March 22-28, 2021

March 21, 2021

This week the Tarot cards encourage us to be more curious. It’s time to look beneath the surface and shift your perspective. Open up the channels of your mind to discover new possibilities and endless opportunities! Feeling stuck? Explore your current situation from every angle. Ask more questions. Challenge yourself to do something you do not yet know how to do, and don’t let fear override your desire to know more.

As you move through this week, if you find yourself stuck in your routine or everything feels rather dull and lackluster, remember that if we remain curious, we will never be bored.

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Aries: Knight of Cups

Unexpected news is headed your way, Aries! Have you been waiting for the final word on a situation? The door to this opportunity opened up a while ago but it has been feeling like it has remained in limbo forever! Wait no more because you can expect to get the confirmation you have been hoping for this week.

Taurus: Ten of Pentacles

Have you been thinking about expanding your family, Taurus? If so, this is an aligned week to consider adding to your household by adopting a pet! There are so many sweet creatures in need of a loving home just like yours. Do your research and decide if you are ready to commit.

Gemini: Four of Cups

Be more curious, Gemini. Dive into your imagination to shake up those feelings of stagnation that have been plaguing you. Allow yourself to picture new possibilities and explore your unlimited potential! If you are just feeling bored right now, shift the energy and change up your routine.

Cancer: The Lovers Reversed

You are facing a challenging decision this week, Cancer. In order to get back to your center and see the options clearly, reconnect to your core values. Does this choice align with your morals? If yes, move forward with confidence that you are committing to the most aligned path for yourself.

Leo: Two of Pentacles

You’ve got this, Leo! You have a lot of responsibilities to handle right now, but your juggling skills are on point! Keep checking your tasks off of your list one by one, and everything will get done in your designated timeline. Be sure to rest and stay hydrated so you can sustain this momentum.

Virgo: Knight of Pentacles Reversed

Don’t get caught up in perfectionism, Virgo. Are you paying close attention to the details or are you just being overly critical of every aspect of your work? Let go of your need to control everything so that you can create something you are ultimately proud of to put forward.

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Libra: The Devil Reversed

Make a healthier choice, Libra. If you have been wanting to release a nasty old habit or destructive behavior, now is the time to do it! Commit to making kinder decisions for yourself moving forward, and notice how much better you feel almost immediately.

Scorpio: Two of Cups Reversed

Be mindful of miscommunications, Scorpio. Everyone is feeling a little extra sensitive this week including you, so if you accidentally snap or say something that gets misconstrued, do not wait too long to own it. Swallow your pride, apologize, and admit you were wrong before the situation escalates further.

Sagittarius: Seven of Wands Reversed

Own your truth, Sagittarius. Don’t let the opinions of others get you down as you carve your path to march to the beat of your own drum. People around you might question your motivations, but that does not mean that you need to take their criticisms into consideration. Stop trying to please everyone else, and focus on your own happiness instead.

Capricorn: Queen of Swords

Be upfront, Capricorn. The truth might be hard to share right now, but that does not mean you should shy away from it. By being direct and honest now, you can avoid a world of unnecessary drama later. Others will appreciate your approach as a breath of fresh air.

Aquarius: Seven of Swords Reversed

Stop doubting yourself, Aquarius. We all feel imposter syndrome sometimes, but you have been giving in to that critical inner voice more than usual this week. Remember that you are fully capable of taking on a new endeavor and feeling the sweet rush of success that comes from all of your hard work.

Pisces: The Empress

Spend more time outside, Pisces. Indulge in the healing power of nature, and take a break every day this week to go for a walk around your neighborhood. This would be a good time to create a garden in your backyard, but if you are short on space, invest in a few new houseplants or some herb seedlings for your windowsill.

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Image by Anna Tarazevich via Pexels