Your Weekly Tarot Reading: March 29-April 4, 2021

March 28, 2021

New paths are opening up but before we can move forward, we need to look at what is holding us back. This week, the Tarot cards are here to help us let go of our limiting beliefs. Whether it is fear, a defeatist attitude, or harsh self-criticism, we must release the negativity that is weighing us down. Identifying what is keeping us from growing, believing in ourselves, and taking on new opportunities is the first step in embracing our inner confidence and creating our dream lives.

Read on for your Tarotscopes to offer support in this endeavor.

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Aries: Five of Wands Reversed

Stay in your lane, Aries. If it feels like everyone around you is engaged in conflict at the moment, then now is a good time to just stay out of it! Sometimes getting involved in the drama is necessary, but right now just keep the peace by remaining neutral as everything blows over.

Taurus: Five of Cups Reversed

Make peace with your past, Taurus. Take time to think about the lessons you learned from your former flames and past relationships. Ruminate on the good, the bad, and the ugly and see how you can apply this knowledge to your current situation. Learning from the past will help you truly move on once and for all.

Gemini: Six of Pentacles Reversed

Show yourself some love, Gemini! Are you feeling a little run down and energetically depleted? Focus on your own well-being this week and a little less on everyone else’s needs right now. It is totally okay to just need to indulge in quiet and extra rest.

Cancer: Three of Swords

Let it all out, Cancer. An unexpected setback or a major change has really rocked your world, and now you are in the throes of sadness. Acknowledge the pain, the grief, the anger, or whatever you are currently feeling. Expressing these emotions is the key to finally releasing them.

Leo: The Hierophant

Lean into your highest ambitions, Leo. You have been ruminating about taking your skills to the next level, but now is the time to actually make it happen by committing to a class or workshop series in an area where you have always wanted to improve upon. Go for it and finally invest in yourself for your future.

Virgo: Ace of Wands Reversed

It will all come together in due time, Virgo. Have you been feeling frustrated by delays that continue to pop up and impede your progress? Are you still awaiting that spark of inspiration that you know you are just nearly on the verge of? Be patient—because this moment cannot be rushed! Trust that it is all coming together.

Libra: The Devil Reversed

Level up, Libra! You are really hitting your stride and opportunities are coming up that call you to step into your highest potential. Do not let anything stand in your way now, and this includes YOU! Release any limiting beliefs that have the potential to hold you back from the immense growth you are currently undergoing.

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Scorpio: Two of Wands Reversed

Reconnect with your desires, Scorpio. Cancel your social plans and indulge in some alone time for self-reflection this week. When was the last time you had a little check in with yourself? Set new goals, check in on your current ones, and create space to refocus if you need to do so.

Sagittarius: Nine of Swords Reversed

Get out of your head, Sagittarius. Your tendency to overthink everything is getting the best of you, and right now, you are making some major mountains out of molehills. Don’t give in to the negativity! Prioritize activities that help you chill out: try a new workout routine, break up your day with a long walk, or call a good friend and spend some quality time catching up.

Capricorn: The Hanged Man

Break away from your routine, Capricorn. Do things a little differently this week, and embrace a new point of view. If you have been just going through the motion, getting out of your usual groove will allow you to notice a new perspective you may have previously missed.

Aquarius: Four of Pentacles Reversed

Cleanse your energy, Aquarius. If everything is feeling a little too chaotic, it’s time for an energetic reset. Welcome a feeling of peace through a major reorganization of your mind, spirit, and space! Indulge in some spring cleaning by getting rid of the clutter around your home and refreshing your energetic aura.

Pisces: Wheel of Fortune

Take a chance, Pisces! The seeds of intentions you are planting now have the potential for long-term success. Luck is on your side, so take on whatever new opportunities are currently being presented to you!

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