Your Weekly Tarot Reading: November 23-29, 2020

November 22, 2020

Everyone is facing so many responsibilities and burdens at once and trying to maintain some form of balance. We are running and running and moving forward at such a rapid speed, but where are we headed? If we are constantly in motion and always just maintaining, how do we grow and make necessary changes for our greatest good? 
This week, the Tarot cards foretell our need for clarity in order to know what to do next. Whether we need to refocus and prioritize our responsibilities or make some major life changes, our next moves will become clearer once we create space to ponder and receive the messages to push ourselves in the right direction.

When I need a major dose of clarity, I perform this magical ritual which I am sharing with you here. Take a few sprigs of fresh rosemary (an herb that stimulates focus and clears away the mental cobwebs) and put them in a mug to infuse with hot water. As you make this “tea,” think about your intention and put this into your infusion. Ask the universe to illuminate what you have been missing, to sharpen your focus, and to grant you clarity. Put this intention into your tea. 

Before drinking, strain the rosemary and add a squeeze of lemon (another clarifying element!) Quiet your mind, sit in your favorite space in your home, and sip the tea mindfully. As you sip, imagine yourself bathed in a golden yellow light. (Yellow holds the vibrational energy of mental clarity as well!) This yellow light will activate your brain and illuminate whatever needs to be seen at this time. Once you finish your infusion, write down any thoughts that come to mind. Now is not the time to edit! Let it all flow freely onto the page. Once you look over your notes, you will know exactly what you need to do. AND SO IT IS! 
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Aries: Ten of Wands

Prioritize your responsibilities, Aries! You have been so ambitious, taking on every opportunity that comes your way. That is incredible, inspiring, and exciting, but at some point, the scales tip into overwhelm and now it is enough! If you continue at this rate, you WILL burn out! Create space this week to reflect on all of your tasks in order to see which ones truly need your immediate focus and which ones can be delegated or let go. 

Taurus: Two of Swords

Get back to your center, Taurus. You are sitting at a crossroads, whether you are in between jobs, recently single, or living in a temporary spot. Whatever it is, your life is in transition and the unknown is uncomfortable. Seek ways to feel grounded and secure in this space as you await making decisions about your future.

Gemini: Queen of Pentacles

Be more present, Gemini. In the endless rat race, it can be very easy to get swept up in what is next on your professional to-do list, but this week, I want you to focus on recognizing your current accomplishments. Look at all you have done so far and honor the abundance you have created for yourself before moving on to the next goal.

Cancer: The Sun Reversed

This moment is temporary, Cancer. The setbacks and minor frustrations you are currently facing are totally annoying, but they will not be your downfall! Step back, roll with it, and take a break. Focus on what IS going well, count your blessings, and understand that your forward progress will resume next week.

Leo: Two of Pentacles

Manage your time wisely and efficiently, Leo. It’s challenging to cultivate a sense of balance, but you have been excelling at handling all of your responsibilities! Remember that what you focus on is what will thrive. You cannot be everywhere at once so be mindful of not spreading yourself too thin this week.

Virgo: Four of Cups Reversed

Prioritize yourself and your energy, Virgo. You are in desperate need of some rest and recalibration this week! Be unafraid to take that much needed alone time for some introspection. Just be sure to communicate this desire to your loved ones so they understand it is nothing personal against them.

Libra: The Magician

Your current situation can be changed, Libra. Have you been feeling stuck or unsure of what move to make next? This is your reminder that you have all of the skills and spiritual tools you need to change your circumstances. Release your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs to shift your mindset. You can create your own reality!
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Scorpio: The Chariot

Be courageous, Scorpio! Your current situation feels uneasy and uncertain, but it’s time for you to take a risk. Are you avoiding deciding because you are afraid of change? This is your reminder that bold moves often lead to happier, more satisfying futures. Just because something is comfortable does not mean that it’s good for you. 

Sagittarius: Ten of Cups Reversed

Prioritize your personal relationships, Sagittarius. There is no perfect formula of ratios for an exact “work/life balance,” but it feels like you have been more focused on your professional responsibilities and less on your personal connections. Make space to reconnect with the ones you love this week. It could be just as simple as reaching out first by making a call, asking “how are you?,” and then really listening.

Capricorn: Justice Reversed

Take accountability, Capricorn. Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s how you handle those mess-ups that show true character. It’s time for you to own it and acknowledge where you went wrong. Do not beat yourself up over your past blunders, rather do what you can now to make it right.

Aquarius: The Tower Reversed

Let go of your old belief system, Aquarius. I have a little secret for you, my darling, it is okay to change your mind and way of thinking. Letting go of limiting beliefs or an outdated perspective that no longer serves you is a sign of major personal transformation and growth! Change is challenging, but these valuable lessons will lead to much-needed progress.

Pisces: Seven of Swords

Do not take the easy way out, Pisces. It feels like you are short on time to meet your deadlines, so you are looking for the necessary shortcuts to ease your burdens. Be careful and check the details because making a rushed move now will create even more work for you in the future! You need to be strategic and focus on working smarter not harder. 
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Image by Alina Vilchenko from Pexels