Your Weekly Tarot Reading: November 30-December 6, 2020

November 29, 2020

In this week’s Tarotscopes, the cards offer a moment of reflection. Make some space to consider your accomplishments and all of the lessons you have learned this year. Recognize that you have overcome so many challenges and handled unexpected transitions. This moment of contemplation will provide the lucidity you need in order to move forward and accept all of the new opportunities being presented. Sometimes we just need the space to reflect on our past in order to move forward with clarity into our future. And when you need a little daily guidance, look no further than your Daily Tarot Reading.

Aries: Page of Swords Reversed

Express yourself, Aries! Have you been feeling misunderstood by those around you? Do your thoughts feel scattered and all over the place? This week is an aligned time to begin a more mindful expressive practice through journaling. Once you see all of your thoughts written out cohesively on the pages, they will all start to make more sense.

Taurus: Knight of Wands Reversed

What are you going to do with all of this restless energy, Taurus? You are feeling a strong urge to create, but before you can even begin something, you have already talked yourself out of it! Cut that out right now, and let your creative juices flow! Even if you don’t know exactly what the result will be just yet, just get to producing! Right now, it’s more important for you to just enjoy the inspirational journey and get your hands dirty.

Gemini: King of Cups

Let lyrics express your true emotions for you, Gemini. It’s time to get out of your head and connect to your heart through the romantic energy of music. Seek out aural pleasures that make you FEEL something! With this romantic inspiration in mind, show someone how you feel with a perfectly curated playlist.

Cancer: The World

Enjoy your accomplishments, Cancer! It’s time for you to take a much-needed pause in order to take notice of all of your hard work. Everything has come full circle, and now is the time to revel in the completion of your goals, projects, and aspirations! Appreciate this moment before the next cycle begins.

Leo: Wheel of Fortune

Expect the unexpected, Leo! New opportunities are being presented to you, and change is coming your way! It may be surprising to experience so many shifts at once, but this is your reminder that the universe is working in your favor, and you can handle all of this good fortune! Say yes to everything being offered to you now.

Virgo: The Fool

Take a chance, Virgo. There is a new opportunity awaiting you, and now is not the time to overthink it. You need to go for it! I know, I know, in the past, you would have turned this moment down without a second thought. But guess what? Circumstances are different now, and the Universe wants you to be more adventurous! Take a gamble, and you will be rewarded.

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Libra: Ten of Pentacles

Connect with your family, Libra. Because of the pandemic, it has probably been a while since you have seen your extended family. If you have been missing them and the “before times” of holiday travel and get-togethers, make time to check in and catch up with your loved ones this week. This applies to your chosen family as well. Having a long phone conversation does not feel the same as an in-person hang, but it will provide some of the closeness and reconnection you have been craving.

Scorpio: Eight of Pentacles

Enhance your resume, Scorpio! What is something you have been wanting to learn more about but keep putting off? This is a good week to focus on developing your skills and enhancing your talents! It’s time to finally sign up for that class or workshop series. Advancing your knowledge will give you that boost you have been looking for in your professional life.

Sagittarius: Eight of Swords Reversed

Cut out the negative self-talk, Sagittarius. Lately, you have been falling into old patterns of bad behavior and telling yourself that you aren’t good enough for this or you cannot do that. Silence your harsh inner critic because it is not serving you! It’s time to be kinder to yourself and allow for some much-needed self-acceptance.

Capricorn: Death Reversed

Embrace change, Capricorn. Your life is transforming right now, and instead of getting excited for all of the new possibilities and potential, you are trying to hide and pretend it’s not happening. Do not be afraid of this transition! This moment of transformation is leading you to a brighter, more aligned path.

Aquarius: Nine of Pentacles

Look how far you have come, Aquarius! Looking over the past year, you have made great strides and accomplished a lot of your goals. This week focus on celebrating all of this hard work and taking inventory of the lessons you have learned while overcoming your challenges. Apply this knowledge to your next round of goal setting.

Pisces: Two of Swords

Embrace this moment of indecision, Pisces. You are sitting at a crossroads, and you are not quite sure of which way to go just yet. This is your helpful reminder that it is okay to not know where you are headed. You will make your decision when you are ready.

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