Your Weekly Tarot Reading for October 18-24, 2021: Living in the Present Moment

October 18, 2021

This time, the weekly Tarot collective reading pulls us all into the present moment. Instead of future-tripping about the infinite possibilities of “what ifs” or the obsessive glances towards the past of “could haves,” our collective pulled cards gently remind us of the positive power of being fully present in the current moment. This week, let the cards guide you in focusing on feeling pure contentment in the quiet moments and making better decisions for your own well-being.

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Your Weekly Tarot Reading

Aries: Two of Wands Reversed

Stop future tripping, Aries!  Worrying and obsessively planning will not bring you the peace of mind you are looking for right now. Instead of getting lost in a whirlwind of “what ifs,” about the potential of what could possibly go wrong, focus more on being in the present moment. Let go of what is beyond your control.

Taurus: The Sun

Embrace a positive mindset, Taurus. Put on your rose-colored glasses and view the glass as half full as everything is going your way right now. Your vibe is infectious, and everyone wants to feel your warmth! Share the wealth with those who need a boost of happiness.

Gemini: Seven of Cups Reversed

Be selective, Gemini. You have an abundance of opportunities in front of you, but which will you choose? The bevy of choices is becoming overwhelming to the point that you still have not picked an option, and the clock is still ticking. What do you really want? Follow your intuition to narrow down your selections in order to finally make a commitment this week.

Cancer: Justice

Your weekly Tarot reading wants you to be fair, Cancer. As you make a major decision this week, be sure to consider every angle before coming to your conclusion. This will not be easy, but you will be confident in your commitment knowing all sides were able to be heard and validated before you make a move forward.

Leo: Queen of Pentacles

Be in the present, Leo. Instead of looking too far forward or too far backwards, be more in the moment this week. Look around…you have everything you need right here. Enjoy spending time at home nesting and celebrating life’s simple pleasures with your loved ones.

Virgo: The Lovers Reversed

Make better choices, Virgo. Hold on, before you commit further, do you REALLY want to do that? You have been making a lot of hasty decisions based on your desires for immediate gratification, rather than thinking about the long-term effects of your actions. Slow down and reconsider your motives.

Libra: The Empress Reversed

Your weekly Tarot reading wants you to focus on your own needs, Libra. You have been so consumed with taking care of everyone else that your own self-care has fallen by the wayside! Take extra time this week to focus on yourself and restoring your own emotional well-being in order to avoid building up resentments.

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Scorpio: The Tower Reversed

What are you avoiding, Scorpio? Changes need to be made right now and pretending like it all isn’t happening does not make it disappear! It’s time to stop procrastinating and face your fears of the unknown. Do what you need to do and do it soon in order to avoid a major blowup.

Sagittarius: King of Cups Reversed

Let it go, Sagittarius. Certain situations do not appear to be working out in your favor right now, but that does not mean you should completely let your emotions spiral out of control into a total meltdown! Relax and breathe through this challenging moment. Other opportunities will arise, soon to take your focus.

Capricorn: Ace of Wands

Seize the moment, Capricorn! A dream-like opportunity is being presented to you this week, but it has you questioning if it is too good to be true. Spoiler alert: it’s not! The timing is right—so say yes and go for it full force. You will be blown away by how fulfilling and inspiring this path will be for you.

Aquarius: The Hanged Man Reversed

Quit stalling, Aquarius. It is frustrating to feel stuck when everything is beyond your control and decisions are out of your hands, but this moment can move forward if you just make a move already! You know exactly what you need to do, so do not be afraid to make that major change this week. Stop procrastinating already!

Pisces: Four of Pentacles

Watch your spending, Pisces. Resist the temptation to make impulse purchases this week, as your absent-minded spending will begin to add up. Be more mindful as to where your money is going so you can start saving up for a more major and meaningful purchase.

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