Your Weekly Tarotscope for January 17-23, 2022: It’s Time for Self-Care

January 16, 2022

Creatures of comfort and homebodies, this is your time to shine! This week’s intuitively pulled Tarot cards prioritizes cozier pleasures. Whether it’s taking more time for rest and self-care or focusing on a home improvement project that makes your space more plush, the Tarotscopes advise satisfying serenity. Read on to see how to feel like your best self this week.

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Aries: Nine of Pentacles

Enjoy yourself, Aries! You have been working hard toward your goals and everything is falling into place to move you forward, but when was the last time you took a break? And not just a lunch hour, but an actual respite to relax and rejuvenate yourself? Make more time to prioritize fun and pleasure this week.

Taurus: Knight of Swords Reversed

The timing isn’t right, Taurus. It is hard to begin something new when there is an obstacle in your way at every turn! Take this moment as a cosmic sign that this opportunity just is not aligned for you at this time, and channel your energy elsewhere. Putting your focus on something else will alleviate the frustrations and restlessness you have been experiencing.

Gemini: Ten of Wands

Take a much-needed break, Gemini. How can you possibly stay inspired if you are perpetually exhausted and creatively burned out? Prioritize your own self-care this week by delegating anything that absolutely does not require your attention at this time, so you can focus more on rest.

Cancer: Four of Wands

Dress your nest, Cancer. If you are going to be spending more time at home, you might as well make it as enjoyable and cozy as possible. Tackle that home improvement project that you have been putting it off, and treat yourself to something luxurious like new bed linens or extra fancy towels.

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Leo: The Moon

Trust your intuition, Leo. If something does not feel quite right, then it probably isn’t. Dive a little deeper to get more information, and, in the meantime, do not feel any pressure to make a hasty decision. Right now, the best move is no move at all, as everything else unfolds.

Virgo: Five of Cups

Get some perspective, Virgo. Everything is feeling a little glum right now, but focusing more on what you don’t have rather than what you do will only amplify your feelings of disappointment and loss. Think about the blessings you currently have in abundance and express gratitude in order to lift your mood.

Libra: Page of Pentacles Reversed

Limit your distractions, Libra. Having a mountain of tasks looming over you is becoming more overwhelming than necessary, so it’s time to buckle down and focus on accomplishing your neglected to-do list this week. Get everything done, so you can move on to something else guilt-free.  

Scorpio: Nine of Cups Reversed

What’s missing, Scorpio? A general lack of overall satisfaction and emotional fulfillment has been plaguing you lately and making life feel a bit dull. This is a good time to reconnect to what is really important to you and find ways to bring more of that into your life. Consider volunteering for a cause that feels meaningful to you.

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Sagittarius: Queen of Pentacles Reversed

Stop comparing yourself to others, Sagittarius. Don’t let the successes of other people get you down. It might be their time to shine, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have your moment in the sun as well. Keep doing what you are doing, and stay focused on accomplishing your own goals.

Capricorn: The Sun

Count your blessings, Capricorn. Notice how everything is beginning to turn around this week, as everything falls into place smoothly. Express gratitude for your accomplishments and embrace an optimistic attitude as you continue to create more opportunities for yourself.

Aquarius: Page of Cups

Expect the unexpected, Aquarius. Good news is headed your way this week, as an opportunity is presented sooner than anticipated. Is it too good to be true? Not at all! Accept the invitation and get excited for where this will lead you to next.

Pisces: The Empress Reversed

Watch your spending, Pisces. An unexpected expenditure is popping up this week, so be mindful of your budget. Pay attention to where you can save a little extra, and if something feels like a frivolous purchase, hold off on it for now.