1. To lose keys indicates disappointments, obstacles, and setbacks, while finding keys represents discovering the perfect solution to a problem.
  2. To give someone you know a key implies that you will offer assistance to that person, while giving a key to an unknown person indicates an improvement in your own circumstances. To be given a key augurs assistance from friends in positions of power.
  3. To fit a key in a lock implies romantic and sexual happiness; unlocking a door indicates a breaking down of obstacles.


  1. If the dreamer is killing an enemy, this implies the end of a difficult time in his life attained through his own efforts.
  2. If the dreamer accidentally kills someone, caution in dealing with upcoming situations is called for.
  3. Dreaming of actually being killed is a warning: Something in your life is "killing" your joie de vivre, and the situation should be rectified right away.
  4. Rarely, a death. But for the most part, dreaming of killing is NOT a harbinger of death - and, of course, the dreamer's death is never shown.

Astrological Parallels: Pluto, Scorpio

Tarot Parallels: Death


A kite flying freely and easily in clear skies indicates the attainment of your highest dreams, whether you were the one flying the kite or were simply observing. If the kite string breaks, or the wind stops dead and the kite crashes to the ground, be prepared for everything you hope for to fall through at the last minute. To find how to avoid this, look to the other symbols in the dream.


  1. A kiss from a lover, under happy circumstances, presages happiness and contentment.
  2. A kiss from a stranger implies an unexpected gift.
  3. An unwanted kiss indicates upcoming overtures from someone the dreamer does not like. The overtures may or may not be romantic in nature.


  1. A Freudian symbol for sexual passion. See GUN.
  2. A knife being used to sever anything in two implies the impending end of a relationship of any kind - business, friendship, love.
  3. A rusty or dull knife implies the dreamer's lack of ability to sever a relationship that is not serving her.
  4. Cutting yourself with a knife warns that situations may arise where you become your own worst enemy.

Astrological Parallels: Mars

Tarot Parallels: The Suit of Swords