Month of Sep 2020: Welcome to a wonderful month, Taurus! There is much for the taking here, but it might require a lot of patience and elbow grease!

Everyone is going to be feeling Mars turning retrograde in Aries on September 9. It might pull and tug at your aura fields, making career choices a little more confusing, but it’s nothing you haven't navigated in the past. It could also mean that co-workers will be acting a little more impulsive than normal. All you have to do is be your naturally steady self. Hone your skills of careful observation and knowing when to strike while the iron is hot!

Take full advantage of the new moon in Virgo on the seventeenth, which is an exquisite help for you in finance and business development on all levels. It can also mean that you have to put in some added hours at work, but it will totally pay off in the long run.

All eyes are on your amazing self these days, making you a prime candidate for that dream job you've been waiting for! If you’re self-employed, this is a great time to expand your horizons and believe in the outcome. If you need to upgrade your accounts, this is the time to do so.

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