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You tread pleasant paths through April with advantageous Venus, ruler of your sign. Set your sights high in the first full week of the month.

Lucky Venus trines energetic Mars on April 10. Venus carefully seeks satisfaction, and Mars goes out and gets what he wants. The combination is a win/win duo if you know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

Jupiter, also lucky, sextiles powerful Pluto on the fourteenth. Jupiter is in your partnership sector while Pluto focuses on expansion on a grander scale through writing and helpful strangers. During the next ten days, focus on a link to a mission.

The planets bring out the best in you, helpful on April 15, a lucky day for job hunting. Search for group “missions” and team-oriented opportunities. Go back and try again when Venus aspects Jupiter and Pluto on April 17.

On the twenty-fourth, ruling planet Venus moves to Gemini and the focus is on money and how you earn it. The more money you earn, the happier you are and the better you work, especially in the next few weeks.

Get ready for a change next month when progressive Uranus temporarily begins to transit Taurus, bringing unexpected events and perhaps a chance to change the world.

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