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This month, attunement to cosmic timing helps you recognize when it is wise to compromise and when you should stand up and fight.

On February 6, Aquarius Venus sextiles unpredictable Uranus and your career takes a curious turn. It adds a nice twist to February’s story. Curious turns also seem to be a theme this month related to actions that call for your reaction. Overall, base your thinking on what you need in order to be both comfortable and productive.

Get ready! The tenth is decision time for you. Venus begins a transit of your house of dreams and aspirations. Venus is fortunate, and more personal and materialistic in this place, so think “I” and “money” or “reward” any time during the month.

The solar eclipse in your career sector on the fifteenth heralds achievement or a peaceful solution, thanks to a mentor or friend in the right place.

Schedule interviews and meetings during the lucky afternoon of February 20. If job hunting, search the whole lucky day of February 21. Think outside the box for an opportunity in an unusual but interesting area.

You could be totally occupied with something new and profitable on the twenty-seventh, when generous Venus sextiles changeable Pluto.

Next month, prepare to adapt to the way the current flows.

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