Month of Jul 2020: There is a mirror being held up to you right now because you’re unable to charge through life in quite the way you initially planned. There's plenty of clarity now, and your business partnerships could really test your nerves at this time.

Your colleagues might have tried to take advantage of your efforts in the past or even looked to you as a free service far more than they should have. This is the month in which you should ask why you’re letting this happen and how you can stop this pattern.

You’re skilled at setting boundaries, which comes more easily to you, especially as Saturn retrograde cycles back into the sign of Capricorn on July 1. There is a major lesson here that encourages you to see how your wise ways have led you to your current successes.

There's someone or something that has to go, with the lunar eclipse on July 4 also pummeling through the sign of the Goat and kicking up dust in your zone of mental expansion and educational opportunities. It’s time to widen your vision even further. Holding yourself back will only lead to loss. You must believe in yourself and follow your own cosmic flow. Take that Bull by the horns and prove to yourself that you deserve incredible things.

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