taurus Daily Horoscope for April 20, 2021

April 20, 2021

Can you feel the rush of fresh energy emerging around you, Taurus? It’s important that you ride that wave and let it reinvigorate you. Yet, under Tuesday’s skies, a different tone seems to emerge. The first quarter moon arrives in heart-centered Leo—helping you realize that in order for you to step into your new identity, you must grapple with elements of your past that stand in your way.

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Daily Love

Take a second to gather your thoughts before saying something you might regret later, Taurus. Single or attached, chances are you're in a mood today, so try not to take it out on your partner. In addition to the moon hovering over your cozy fourth house of home, family, innermost feelings, and emotional foundations—encouraging you to go inward and prioritize your stability—it will simultaneously clash with both Venus and Uranus, amidst their journey through your sign. This creates intense, volatile friction—especially regarding your emotional truth and individual freedom. Do what you need to do and worry about everything else later.

Daily Work

Dear Taurus, expect sudden shifts to take place in your professional life. You could have a new creative idea that may be just what your employer was looking for. The imaginative Leo moon is in your emotional core and forming an opposition with long-term innovator, Saturn in Aquarius in your tenth house of career. This would be a good time to release restrictions and tap into your most unique ideas.

Daily Dating

You get some news early today that, while not terrible, is still kind of disappointing. Just roll with it and try not to take it to heart. You can bounce back quickly and get back in the game soon.

Daily Bonus

An impulse buy could be riskier than you think. Don't get caught in the moment.