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taurus Daily Horoscope for November 30, 2021

November 30, 2021

Allow yourself to embody the dream you’re envisioning for yourself, Taurus. Your ruling planet, magnetic Venus, finds itself swept up in a supportive connection with blissed-out Neptune today. This enchanting pairing works to lower energy levels and increase inspiration, making it an ideal day to tune into your larger aspirations or uncover your next step through relaxing or meditative practices.

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Daily Love

You know what you want, and you shouldn't let anyone influence you into doing otherwise, my dear Taurus. For instance, today's intoxicating sextile between your planetary ruler, Venus — via your exotic ninth house of adventure, experience, wisdom, and unknown territory — and enchanting Neptune — via your socially conscious eleventh house of associations, community, and sense of belonging in the world — can be inspiring. By that same token, things could seem almost too good to be true. Take your rose-colored glasses off, but don't lose sight of your core values. If anything, this is reminding you to use your discernment, especially if you are being influenced by other people's opinions.

Daily Work

Are you ready for a busy day, Taurus? The ongoing sun-Mercury conjunction invokes transformation in your professional investments, while the Venus-Mars sextile finds inspiration from professional partnerships. Meanwhile, both the sun and Mercury sextile Saturn, which is perfect for structuring your investments around your career. The Saturnian sextiles encourage you to seek out unique professional investments which could become major identifiers in your career path. If you need to have a bit of hope for your endeavors, you can thank both Venus and Mars for their harmonious aspects with Neptune retrograde.

Daily Dating

Seek out reinforcement from others today. It's hard to admit you could use the occasional helping hand (or sympathetic shoulder), but take a chance. Who's got your back? Plenty of people, that's who.

Daily Bonus

Your external life holds little excitement today. Instead, focus on internal ideas.