taurus Daily Horoscope for March 4, 2021

By Mackenzie Greer

March 4, 2021 Today

Things are beginning to fall into place, Taurus. It’s easier than usual for you to see the big picture view of your career trajectory today, as information-gathering Mercury spends the day alongside visionary Jupiter. This union makes for an optimistic, larger than life approach to new career projects underway. Elsewhere, relationship energy dominates the day, as the sensitive Scorpio moon transitions into philosophic Sagittarius.

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Daily Love

Listen to what your lover has to say but don't lose sight of your feelings of self-worth, Taurus. Today's sextile between the moon in your relationship sector and powerhouse Pluto in your expansive ninth house of adventure, expansion, and unknown territory, encourages you to explore your emotional horizons and welcome a significant other's point of view. Single or taken, this lunar transit is inspiring you to expand and perhaps take a leap of faith in the process. However, in the midst of this moment of discovery, Mars will officially make its debut via your second house of value systems, reminding you to communicate and hold space for your stability.

Daily Work

Taurus, your career is about to take off in a transformative direction. Today, there is a powerful connection between Mercury and Jupiter in Aquarius in your tenth house of professional honors. This has been rumbling beneath the surface, but change is starting to occur. You have changed as a person and with accepting your uniqueness, your career path must naturally shift. Embrace the opportunity especially if it is going to elevate and uplift your status in your industry! Growth is good.

Daily Dating

Go over your list of goals and pick the craziest, most ridiculous one and then try to top it. Today is perfect for making huge changes and trying new things that seem really unlikely.

Daily Bonus

If you're facing a weird situation, talk to a friend. Sharing the burden lessens it.