taurus Daily Horoscope for April 13, 2021

April 13, 2021

You’re breaking through old, stifling boundaries you’ve created for yourself today, Taurus. The moon glides through your sign, sending your attention towards your physical and emotional wellbeing. Luna’s union with shake-it-up Uranus provides fresh insights and stimulates your need for spontaneity but can also find you behaving erratically if your sense of personal freedom feels hindered.

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Daily Love

Surrender the need for control and embrace the divine flow, Taurus. With today's moon illuminating your sign, you're inclined towards themes that revolve around your emotional wellbeing and sense of stability. However, Luna will also clash with Saturn in your authoritative tenth house of boss moves—creating tension between your emotional needs and the reputation you're trying to uphold. Single or taken, your best bet is to step away from the ego, as you're unconsciously projecting these fears onto a significant other. Keep in mind, Luna will also conjunct rebellious Uranus, disrupting the status quo, and liberating you from what's been keeping you stagnant. Don't resist it.

Daily Work

Dear Taurus, your energy and drive towards your work will be extremely potent today. The fierce Aries sun is forming a harmonious aspect with driven Mars in Gemini in your second house of earned income and self-worth. During this time, when you  make decisions in the interest of your own career goals, you can have much success! Stay true to yourself, and the rest will follow. Identify where in terms of your work you don’t feel aligned and start to take steps to change it.

Daily Dating

If you're looking for love now is the time to go for it. You feel emotionally grounded and ready to find someone who's deeply compatible, rather than just good enough or cute enough.

Daily Bonus

It's a good day to do a favor for a friend -- even just a simple, small one.