taurus Daily Horoscope for May 12, 2021

May 12, 2021

It’s easy to feel good under Wednesday’s cosmic landscape, Taurus. The sensitive moon leaves your sign and moves forward into logical Gemini, pointing your focus towards financial matters and productive efforts. Luna’s union with your ruler, value-defining Venus, makes it an ideal day for making long-term purchases or selling. Meanwhile, Mercury’s trine to secure Saturn helps you make solid plans on the career front.

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Daily Love

Lady Venus is sitting alongside curious Mercury via your second house of value systems, bringing both your intellectual and romantic attention to themes surrounding your sensual delights. Single? One thing's for sure, and it's that you're not about to settle for anything less than your worth. Mercury will also form a harmonious trine with taskmaster Saturn via your bossy tenth house of authority, so chances are, you're also thinking about your reputation in the process. Keep in mind, the sun is energizing and revitalizing you, but it will also sextile Neptune via your freedom-loving eleventh house of society. Honor your worth, but trust in the kindness of strangers, Taurus.

Daily Work

Taurus, this is a time of major career shifts and feeling forward momentum. Powerful Mercury in Gemini, in your second house of earned income, is forming a positive aspect with wise Saturn in Aquarius in your career sector. While this is a quickly passing transit, it’s encouraging you to think differently in how you approach your professional life. Where have you not taken the lead, or dulled your shine? Now is the time to come into your own and show off your leadership skills.

Daily Dating

You're having a lovely time today even if you're at work. See if you can arrange a casual date for later. You don't want to waste this great mood!

Daily Bonus

Give in to introversion. Your time is best spent in your head right now.