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Year of 2023

With financially savvy Venus as your ruler, it’s no coincidence that there are many financially successful Bulls in the world. The high points of your career success are often directly tied to how much money you make, with job satisfaction taking a back seat to earning capacity.

So, Taurus, will your career opportunities in 2023 help you earn what you think you deserve? Things look different this year because the opportunities to be fulfilled might not be entirely financially motivated.

Your work life is highly impacted by Saturn’s movements and energy, Taurus, so when Saturn moves away from rebellious Aquarius and into sensitive Pisces, it’s a major energy shift. While it was in eccentric Aquarius, you were encouraged to find new and innovative ways to move your career forward. This new planetary partnership deals with feelings, intuition and dreams, taking you into a totally new realm concerning your career. 

Your vision about the direction you’d like it to go is important now and will continue to be during Saturn’s retrograde period in Pisces between mid-June and the start of November. If you’re in a creative field or anything having to do with astrology, spirituality, drug or alcohol counseling, etc., this is your wheelhouse. These careers won’t net you a huge paycheck, but they will satisfy your longing to do something fulfilling with your life.

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