ox Monthly Chinese Horoscopes for July 2022

Month of July 2022 This Month

The month of July brings you the I Ching hexagram of fire under fire (30). This is a time to work with others. Synergy can happen when you take your talents and abilities and mix them with someone else’s skills and experience. In short, Ox, it’s time to collaborate. Look at how others could support your goals while you support theirs. Join a partnership or cooperate with a group of people and magical things can happen.

There’s a full moon on July 13, and you might feel overwhelmed by a legal situation or education matter. You might have a test coming up or be dealing with paperwork for a license or certification. Ox, you can be successful if you take this process one step at a time. Fortunately, that’s how you like to take things anyway.

The new moon is on the twenty-eighth, and there’s a new beginning at home. You might be renovating your house, or there could be construction going on nearby. This can mean dust, noise and interruptions, but this process will soon be done. Then peace and harmony will return to your household. You might even extend an invitation to friends and family for a housewarming party or backyard barbecue. Ox, it’s time to celebrate.

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