Ox Monthly Chinese Horoscopes

Month of March 2024

The month of March brings Ox natives the I Ching hexagram of fire under fire (30). 

This month, the light that is within you radiates outward. You’re showing people who you are and what you believe. You might do this in some formal manner through teaching, writing, or publishing. Or it could be through your casual interactions as you give your opinions in conversation. At the same time, you could receive a lot of clarity about your own life. As you speak, ideas flow outward and back to you.

There is a new moon on Sunday, March 10. Ox, your friendships are rocking. You might be part of a big celebration. A friend could have a birthday blowout. You might travel to a destination wedding. Or perhaps you’re attending your high school reunion. This is a time to be around friends.

The lunar eclipse is on Monday, March 25. Ox, you might be struggling to make a decision now. Others are pushing you to begin, but you’re not sure if it’s the direction you want to go. There could be a new job opportunity, but it requires a lot of change. Before you say yes, you might need to mull over your options, look at the upsides and downsides, and check in with your gut feelings.

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