ox Monthly Chinese Horoscopes for January 2022

Month of January 2022 This Month

Your month of January brings the I Ching hexagram of water under mountain (4). Doing something new can bring a struggle. Many people dislike the feeling of being inexperienced so much that they only do things they know how to do. This month, a learning curve would be good for you.

The new moon is on Jan. 2, and, Ox, you could begin a new project related to education. This could be for yourself or one of your kids. A teacher or school administrator might step in to help. The most important factor here is to avoid procrastinating when the opportunity arises. This window will close in a couple of weeks, so you want to take advantage of this person’s assistance while you can.

The seventeenth brings the full moon, and you are close to finishing an important project, but you’re having trouble making yourself do that last little bit. Maybe you’re not completely happy with the results you’ve been getting. Or maybe you’re sad that something you’ve worked on for a long time is now coming to an end. But the most likely culprit here is fear of rejection when you show the finished product to the world, friends, and family. It’s time to be brave.