ox Monthly Chinese Horoscopes for July 2021

Month of July 2021 This Month

Your I Ching hexagram for the month of July is mountain over earth (23). A situation you are in is starting to deteriorate. This could mean that the company you work for is sinking downward in sales. It could be that your relationship has become stale as you grow apart. The solution is to remain calm and quiet at present. Being still will allow you to see the opportunities as they emerge.

The new moon is on July 9 and, Ox native, you may consider getting a tutor in a subject you want to learn. It's good to hone your tech skills by gaining the secrets to Excel spreadsheets or learning how to edit videos. You can find someone to help you now. Or you may consider making some extra money by teaching others. There are some great free platforms for advertising your services.

July 23 brings the full moon, and you may have a meeting with upper management in your job. This is an opportunity to talk about your career track and potential promotion. It's possible you're receiving some recognition or that a customer has written a glowing letter of thanks. It's ideal to know what you want before you go into this meeting.