Pig Monthly Chinese Horoscopes

Month of November 2023

The month of November brings Pig natives the I Ching hexagram of heaven under earth (11).

Pig, you’re now surrounded by fertile ground. What you plan can come up roses. This is a good time to apply for a new job, ask for a promotion, or move an important relationship forward. You have strong potential for success right now. Focus on your ideas and take positive action. You could soon be celebrating your success.

There is a new moon on Monday, November 13. Pig, there is a great deal of focus on education right now. Maybe you’re preparing to turn in a big project or you have to take a standardized test. You might also be helping children get ready for tests. This is also a good time to complete applications for student loans, scholarships, or other academic rewards.

On Monday, November 27, there is a full moon. Pig, there could be a lot of activity at home. You might have a full house of visiting relatives. Or perhaps you’re visiting family and making yourself useful (as you usually do) by helping with cooking, home repairs, or entertaining older relatives.

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