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Month of January 2023 This Month

For Pig natives, your I Ching hexagram for January is fire under wind (37).

Pig, you’re quite naturally social. You get along with many people, and this can pay real dividends right now. Put aside any irritation you’ve had or disagreements others have caused (even if you haven’t received an apology). You can be quite successful now when you treat the people in front of you as family.

There’s a full moon on January 6, and Pig, you might be around children and younger relatives. This could be for a celebration, birthday party, or helping kids get back to school. This all brings a little more noise and chaos (the good kind) into the house.

There’s a new moon on January 22, and the year of the water Rabbit begins. Pig, you could have a real desire to withdraw from society (at least for a little while). After a busy holiday season and hectic January, you might feel like you need a break. This is a good time to pamper yourself by taking a spa day. Or you could just take a few days off and live in your pajamas, eat delicious food, and catch up on your streaming queue.

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