pig Monthly Chinese Horoscopes for July 2021

Month of July 2021 This Month

The month of July begins with the I Ching hexagram of mountain under wind (53). Sometimes, slow growth is the best path. You can't stand over a seed and demand it grow faster. But you can make sure it has water. You can remove the weeds and give it fertilizer. So, in your career and your relationships, consider what nurturing you can do. Understand that growing slowly can also mean you are growing strong.

The new moon is on July 9 and, Pig native, it is time to give yourself a treat. You've been working hard and, as usual, taking care of everyone else. Now, indulge in some TLC. This could mean a spa day or a very special meal that is just for you. If you drop some hints, you could have others laying out the red carpet for you in gratitude for what you do.

July 23 brings the full moon and shines a light on secrets and conspiracies. This may be something you read about to amuse yourself. You might be reading detective stories or watching documentaries that expose the seedy underbelly of something. You might want to use this energy to write your own murder mystery stories or rough out a screenplay thriller.