Pig Monthly Chinese Horoscopes

Month of June 2023 This Month

The month of June brings Pig natives the I Ching hexagram of lake under lake (58).

Pig, it’s time to open up to those you trust. It’s time to tell them what you’re really looking for, your hopes and your dreams. You can find people who will support you and bring you the resources that would really help you. And while you tell them what you’re looking for, they’ll reveal what they seek. You could find harmony in your shared journey.

Saturday, June 3, is the full moon. Pig, you could receive an opportunity at work. This might be for a big, high-profile project. If you own a business, you might have an opportunity to work with someone important. But there could be some clauses that you can’t agree to, so read over the contract very carefully.

There’s a new moon on Saturday, June 17. Pig, you might be showing off your home renovation to your friends. You could throw a dinner party or invite people to stay. It’s possible you’re admiring your friend’s new or renovated home. You might be invited to someone’s house to see their new pet or help them welcome a new baby.

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