pig Monthly Chinese Horoscopes for May 2021

Month of May 2021 This Month

For Pig natives, your hexagram this month is wind over water (59). Pig native, you may get involved in a cause or exciting project. You could bring diverse people together for a single goal. This may mean you are at a rally or joining others on social media to speak your mind. May is a good month for reuniting with old friends from the past and enlisting them in your raison d'être.

The new moon is on May 11, and Pig native, this is a good time to be in motion. You might want to do some dancing or cycling. Swimming is also good as it uses your entire body. This will not only make you feel better, but you could make some friends by doing these activities.

May 26 brings the lunar eclipse, and you may be feeling insecure about a business arrangement or some new project at work. The number of responsibilities you have in your life right now may feel overwhelming. But, Pig native, you're actually quite adept at handling multiple tasks. While others may underestimate you, never underestimate yourself. You are far more powerful than you realize. And as you take on more, you feel more confident and excited about life in general.