virgo Daily Horoscope for March 1, 2021

By Mackenzie Greer

March 1, 2021 Today

You need something to sink your teeth into today, Virgo. The moon marches through rational Libra, focusing your attention on activating your talents and bringing them to life. It’s easy to do just that today, as the moon forms a strong link to quick-thinking Mercury and visionary Jupiter. It’s an ideal day for applying to or interviewing for a job, or simply pushing to get ahead in your field.

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Daily Love

Hi, Virgo. With the planet of love, bubble baths, and sensual pleasures pirouetting through your committed seventh house of relationships, it's no wonder you've been entertaining the thought of solidifying a romantic partnership. And if you're already coupled, this Venusian transit bestows you with the opportunity to rekindle the bond between you and your special someone. In the meantime, today's trine between the moon in your sensually driven second house comfort and Mercury-Jupiter in your responsible sixth house of daily rituals will shed light on everything from your routine to themes surrounding your self-worth. Perhaps you're reconsidering the amount of energy you're investing in your love life.

Daily Work

Dear Maiden, the cosmos is empowering your second house of earned income, as the moon is illuminating this area of life for you. If you have been feeling underpaid or undervalued, you could feel prompted to bring this up today. If you work for yourself, raising your prices can also feel important for you. Know that this energy is working in your favor due to the Libra moon forming a powerful trine aspect with Mercury and Jupiter in your sixth house of work.

Daily Dating

Try to mix things up a bit and get folks to experiment with new ideas. That might not be your usual role, but coming from you, the suggestions carry that much extra weight.

Daily Bonus

Do a handstand! Change your perspective and get a unique solution to an old problem.