virgo Daily Horoscope for September 24, 2021

September 24, 2021

Get out of your comfort zone today, Virgo. One more day of the same ol’, same ol’ is bound to drive you crazy. The moon treks through earthy Taurus today, making it an ideal day to escape to nature, cook a new recipe, or get lost in indulging your senses. Luna finds herself at the heart of the opposition between Uranus and Venus, which can help bring closure to any disruptions that may have emerged.

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Daily Love

Crushing on someone you met while traveling abroad, Virgo? The possibilities are endless, but it starts with you. Now, with Luna hovering over your adventurous ninth house of expansion, faith, and unknown territory, you're likely feeling inspired and curious about what the future holds, but there's more. Luna will be making a tricky opposition to harmony-seeking Venus via your curious third house of communication, thought processes, and immediate exchanges, creating friction between what you know firsthand and your desired outcome. You will only know if you try, but is it worth it? A trine between Mars and Saturn will bring you the clarity and structure needed to move forward.

Daily Work

Is there something worth investing in at work, Virgo? As Mars trines Saturn retrograde today, you may feel called to invest your time, money, and or energy into your job. Whatever the case may be, an opportunity may arise at work. However, it calls for commitment through investment. For some, it is an energetic investment where you may have to work overtime or take on additional responsibilities. For others, especially those who own a business, you may have to financially invest into your job. No matter what, consider the proposition before impulsively investing in it.

Daily Dating

Fortunately, you have plenty of vigor in reserve, but you'll still need to chill tonight to recharge. It will take twice as much energy to make it through the same old stuff today, for no apparent reason.

Daily Bonus

Your goal to get more organized is a good one. Make sure it's more than just talk.