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Virgo Daily Horoscope

May 21, 2024

Try to find balance between your spiritual, emotional, and mental bodies, dearest Virgo, as the Scorpio moon faces off with Mercury. This cosmic climate will heighten your intuition, though messages from beyond will be difficult to uncover if you're overly optimistic or too pragmatic to have faith. Luckily, you'll find that blessings are easy to come by without overthinking signs and synchronicities once Jupiter and Neptune align this afternoon. This celestial exchange brings luck and sweetness your way between now and Sunday, so be sure to keep an open heart while continuing to receive guidance from the universe.

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It won't take much logic to figure out what happened to the chocolate cookies you pulled out of the oven an hour ago. Just follow the trail of crumbs and you should discover mischievous faces caked with melted chocolate. Ah, the usual suspects.

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You may be asked for your big gardening secret today but don't be surprised when a novice turns up her nose (and lily white, manicured hands) at the idea of composting. What she really wanted was some squash, not to start a garden herself. Go ahead and stay flattered for you do have a talent.

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