virgo Daily Horoscope for April 11, 2021

April 11, 2021

You’re in one of your trickiest times of your year, Virgo. Let yourself sit with the messy emotions that are bubbling up and explore the intimacy issues that are emerging; this is the work you’re called to do now. The new moon in fearless Aries arrives this evening, helping you focus on inner transformation in the weeks ahead. Expect new healing developments to emerge around your sex life, your relationship hang-ups, and your own personal therapy material.

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Daily Love

You're finally taking charge when it comes to your intimate unions, Virgo. Whether it be romantically or financially, today's new moon will ignite your erotic eighth house of mergers, sex, joint collaborations, and soul contracts. Ultimately, it’s bringing new beginnings to themes surrounding the "give and take" of a significant partnership. Passionate new beginnings are ahead, so be sure to set your intentions in the process. You could get very lucky in terms of love or money, as Venus will also be making a sextile to lucky Jupiter simultaneously, so make a wish. Embrace the infinite possibilities in your love life.

Daily Work

Virgo, you may experience the end to a long and difficult court case—or even a financial matter that was affecting your business. The new moon in Aries is empowering you personally and sending positive aspects to motivated Mars in Gemini in your tenth house of career. This aspect can move any stagnant offers or deals forward. This is the light at the end of the tunnel you’ve been waiting for!

Daily Dating

At least one of your people is being totally obnoxious about getting their way, and they may be pushing you hard to help them out. You can only resist for so long, so you may as well go along for now.

Daily Bonus

Don't waste time tinkering with the details. Get started on the final draft.