Snake Monthly Chinese Horoscopes

Month of June 2023 This Month

The month of June brings Snake natives the I Ching hexagram of thunder under mountain (27).

Snake, it’s not external issues but your own thoughts that are slowing you down as you move forward. Guard yourself against negative thinking now. Also, don’t run after sensational news stories of doom and gloom. Keep your mind restful, relaxed, and optimistic and you’ll be surprised by the number of doors that open for you.

Saturday, June 3, is the full moon. Snake, there’s a real focus on your home. You might be reorganizing everything from top to bottom. You could be cleaning out your closets and getting rid of excess pots and pans in the kitchen. This is also when you could be increasing your pantry staples by acquiring supplies for emergencies, including a generator.

There’s a new moon on Saturday, June 17. Snake, there could be some changes at work that convince you that you’ll need to move on at some point this year. You might not have to make a change at the moment, but some of management’s rules or expectations aren’t to your liking. This could be the time to launch your own business or start to build one on the side.

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