snake Monthly Chinese Horoscopes for July 2022

Month of July 2022 This Month

The month of July brings you the I Ching hexagram of fire under thunder (55). It’s time to make a big push. Snake, now you can launch your business, move your relationship forward or post your resume online. The forces of the Universe are aligning to help you. Don’t wait any longer. And don’t wait until things are perfect. This is when your energy is noticeable and you can set sail.

There’s a full moon on July 13, and you could go way overboard in a romantic way. It’s possible you just met this person, and now you can’t stop thinking about them. Or your current relationship is moving forward so quickly that your friends and family are asking you to hit the brakes. Right now, Snake, it’s the epitome of a whirlwind romance.

The new moon is on the twenty-eighth, and you need a break. You need some time off to rest, recuperate and plan your next move. Find a way to unplug and be in nature. Snake, clear your schedule and make time for friends and family. If you’re in a new relationship, consider taking your date on a romantic getaway with lots of sand, sea and drinks with little umbrellas.

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