Snake Monthly Chinese Horoscopes

Month of December 2023

The month of December brings Snake natives the I Ching hexagram of earth under mountain (23).

Snake, after so much positive movement lately, you could have a setback. This is not to say you’re going in the wrong direction. This is a pause so you can take a moment and reflect. It’s hard to charge straight up a mountain. It’s easier if you use the switchbacks and scale the elevation at an easier pace. This month, see setbacks as times to rest.

There is a new moon on December 12. Snake, things might be very busy at home. It’s possible you’re getting ready for guests by finishing up some renovations, doing some quick repairs, or just moving furniture around to make space for people. At the same time, you could be traveling in between visits from others. You might have to time everything just right.

On December 26, there is a full moon. Snake, there is a great deal of focus on technology right now. You might receive a new device or have access to new apps. Perhaps you’ve decided to learn how to use some important software or program in general. Or you could be getting up to speed on the basics with the help of kids and grandkids.

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