Snake Monthly Chinese Horoscopes

Month of July 2024

The month of July brings Snake natives the I Ching hexagram of mountain over fire (22).

Snake, you are the most charming of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, and charm is what opens doors this month. Your interactions can proceed beautifully. Your sense of aesthetics is perfection. You radiate elegance and sophistication at this time. You can step into the spotlight with perfect form this month.

There is a new moon on Friday, July 5. This is a good time to arrange meetups with friends to discuss future aspirations and plans. You might create a mastermind group with colleagues or friends. Share your dreams and ambitions. You can now draw on the inspiration and support from the people around you, especially when it comes to getting answers to very specific questions about how to move forward.

Sunday, July 21, brings the full moon. Snake, you could find yourself investing extra quality time with the kids. You might spend time with extended family, including cousins, nieces, and nephews. Or you could be entertaining discussions about expanding the family unit, whether that’s through pregnancy or welcoming a new furry friend. It’s also possible that a family member will announce a pregnancy.

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