Snake Monthly Chinese Horoscopes

Month of April 2024

The month of April brings Snake natives the I Ching hexagram of thunder over lake (54).

This month, something important happens because you’re ready. You have combined your knowledge, talent, and experience, and you can form a connection that is significant for your future. That means be ready to commit. If you’ve been looking for a business partner or love relationship, consider that the person you’re interacting with might be this connection. Perhaps the only thing left to do is make a commitment.

There is a solar eclipse on Monday, April 8. Snake, you are wise and intuitive, and right now your Spidey-sense might be tingling about your finances. There are opportunities hidden behind difficulties. It might be necessary for you to dig a bit to find the right door to open or lever to pull. But there could be some lucrative choices for you if you’re willing to do the research.

Tuesday, April 23, brings the full moon. Snake, your phone could be buzzing today. There might be old friends to reconnect with, party invitations to answer, and business calls to address. You might also find your email in-box filling up quickly. Everyone seems to want to get hold of you.

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