snake Monthly Chinese Horoscopes for January 2022

Month of January 2022 This Month

Your hexagram for January is water under lake (47). You’re on the right path, but it isn’t free of twists and turns. Now you can get through a jungle of paperwork or bureaucracy if you’re patient and determined. If you get stuck, look for the information you’re missing.

The new moon is on Jan. 2, and, Snake, a sudden romantic encounter could open up new possibilities for you. This might not be something you were expecting. Perhaps you’re unsure what this will mean for the two of you. This individual is unusual, quite fascinating, and certainly not your usual type. This has you teetering on the edge of excitement as well as indecision.

The seventeenth brings the full moon, and your world could expand through an agreement you’re ready to sign. This could be a contract for employment, or you might be applying for a professional license. Don’t allow yourself to be stopped by a bit of extra paperwork you weren’t expecting. Hesitation could become days or even weeks and then the momentum is lost. Fight the desire to put this off. Just take it one step at a time. Once you get started, you’ll be done before you know it.