capricorn Daily Horoscope for May 12, 2021

May 12, 2021

Today’s the day to put yourself out there, Capricorn. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to submit a job application, launch a work project, or have a smooth-running conversation with a boss—look no further! Today’s skies feature the expressive Gemini moon’s union with sweet Venus, allowing positive circumstances to emerge on the job front. Mercury’s supportive link with your ruler, Saturn, helps you come across clear, direct, and capable.

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Daily Love

Get your facts straight, but go ahead and make your move, Capricorn. Go-getter Mars is currently transiting through your committed seventh house of one-on-one relationships and significant others. And today, it is forming a sweet sextile with freedom-loving Uranus in your romantic fifth house of love, passion, and pleasure. And despite whether you're single or attached, today's astro-weather is presenting you with a cosmic gateway of freedom, and release. What can you liberate yourself from in your current relationship? Otherwise, take a moment to reflect on the current energies and what's currently stifling you from expressing your authenticity. The love you crave starts with your personal freedom.

Daily Work

Capricorn, it’s best to dive head first into the talkative and social energy today. You can find joy with colleagues and people you work with. After a period of change, it can feel refreshing! The Gemini moon connects with benefic Venus in your sixth house of work, duty, and routine. If you can, fit in some creative time to brainstorm, or get outside of the usual daily grind to get some inspiration.

Daily Dating

You need to start some new project today, maybe an art thing, maybe a new fling, and you need to go for something much bigger than before. It's one of those days when you're where it all starts.

Daily Bonus

Use a carrot (not a stick!) to get your way today. Help others help yourself.