capricorn Daily Horoscope for May 14, 2021

May 14, 2021

Mixed messages stir beneath Friday’s skies, Capricorn. The hyperactive Gemini moon encourages you to devote energy towards productive efforts on the job front, yet Luna’s square with disorienting Neptune can make it hard to remain focused. This is an ideal day to tap into your body and reconnect with a mindfulness practice, rather than pressing yourself to do more. Later, the moon’s entrance into Cancer points your attention towards partnership matters.

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Daily Love

Don't make any assumptions, Capricorn. Take things slowly, and they'll soon start making more sense. And if you've been bickering more than usual with your cutie, it's all thanks to hot-headed Mars transiting through your relationship sector. Worst case scenario, transmute the anger into passion. In the meantime, the moon, Mercury, and Venus continue to activate your responsible sixth house of due diligence and acts of service, bringing your emotional and romantic attention to everything from your lover's daily routine to the practical side of your relationship. However, before wrapping up in Gemini, Luna will clash with Neptune in your communication sector. Don't jump to conclusions, and communicate clearly.

Daily Work

Dear Capricorn, confusion in your day-to-day work life can occur today. It’s important to begin to double check documentation, relook at important work assignments and be sure to edit. Communicative Mercury is moving into its pre-retrograde shadow period and this can bring on some of the attributes of this time prior to its official start. This is in your sixth house of work, so taking your time and not rushing through things is the best way to navigate. Mistakes can frequently occur during this time if you aren’t careful.

Daily Dating

You have to make sure that you're checking out all the details of your new situation or sweetie. Something might be not quite right, though only you can decide if it's a total deal breaker.

Daily Bonus

You've seen what aggression can do. When you start to get upset; break the cycle.