Capricorn Daily Horoscope

February 22, 2024

Don't be afraid to burn down that which no longer serves you, dearest Capricorn, as the Leo moon pushes for empowerment through transformation. You'll have a chance to rise from the ashes midafternoon when the Nodes of Fate and Chiron activate, though you should focus on nurturing yourself as a way to recover from any upsets or shocks you had to face. You won't be in the mood to play by other people's rules when Luna and Uranus square off this evening, though you should be mindful of how your actions impact others. Expect more emotionally charged discussions throughout the coming weeks once Mercury enters Pisces and your house of communication.

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Daily Food Horoscope

Get together with friends today for a shopping spree. There's strength in numbers, so you'll actually have fun while battling the crowds. Afterward, bring the gang back to your place, where everyone can chill out with cookies and tea.

Daily Home Horoscope

Though you thought you were prepared, your to-do list suddenly seems undoable. How are you supposed to go to the dry cleaners, vacuum the house and bake a dozen cookies in three hours? Your perseverance and exquisite game plan will make anything possible -- enlist a few idle hands for extra help.

Daily Dog Horoscope

Your owner isn't open to any suggestions, so don't try to initiate some great new walking plan or menu. No matter how much energy you focus on it, the answer will still be no. Save your energy for something more productive instead.

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You're first in line for something new and cool -- and while your energy may feel a bit off, you should still find that things work out pretty well for you. Others start to follow your lead soon.

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Sidle up to that one human pal of yours and see if you can get them to join you in your game or for a cuddle session -- you need to get the ball rolling, though! Your energy is just right for starting stuff.

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You will find facts you need in some surprising locations. Search background files.