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Month of Jan 2020: Do you have a nagging romantic problem? The sun-Mercury conjunction in your own steady sign on January 10 can help you figure things out. Your mind is logical now, helping you make clear, intellectual choices without your emotions getting in the way.

Your power planet Saturn is involved in a conjunction with informative Mercury in your sign on the twelfth, and all romantic decisions will require sound thinking. It’s easy to get sidetracked when you don’t want to talk about a tough topic or face disappointment, but the quicker and more direct you are now the better.

The emotional moon’s energy isn’t the best match for your intellectual outlook on January 21, but the moon in your sign can actually help you be more determined when it comes to love. Have you reached your love-related goals already? Then good for you. Sit back and enjoy your efforts. But if there’s still work to be done, this transit won’t let you forget that.

The lines are blurred during the Mars-Neptune square on the twenty-eighth, so you might give or get mixed signals. It’s embarrassing when romantic mix-ups occur, but there isn’t much you can do about them. If laughing at yourself and what happened isn’t an option, just walk away. There’s no shame in getting it wrong.

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