Month of Jan 2021: As the sun travels through your self-disciplined sign early this month, you aren’t tempted by the things that tempt other people. Yes, you have options, but you’re determined to stay on track and reach your romantic goals. Good for you, Capricorn.

Quick-thinking Mercury joins forces with ambitious Saturn, your home planet, on January 10, helping you talk your way out of just about anything. It doesn’t hurt that you’re always mentally one step ahead of the other person. Your partner or crush has no chance of winning arguments with you now!

There’s a new moon in your committed sign on the thirteenth, so if you’re in a relationship, you’ll be anxious to take things to the next level. You feel you’ve proven yourself, so why not move on to the next logical step? Single Goats have a sense of optimism you haven’t felt in a while. Instead of asking “why?” ask “why not?”

The sun is in rebellious Aquarius as it conjoins restrictive Saturn on January 23, creating quite the conundrum for you. You want to be wild and free, but you know that things work out best for your love life when you’re controlled and steady. Go ahead and have your moment of total freedom, but remember to stay grounded the rest of the time.

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