Monthly RomanticScope: capricorn

September 2017
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This month, Capricorns could shout their love from the rooftops in violation of their normally buttoned-down demeanor. On September 2, you could be taking shelter when a sudden shift in your emotions surprises you. Try not to let it ruin your day, but you’re headed in a decidedly romantic direction. Single Caps may look to September 3 as a time to share your budding feelings with a new partner. You aren’t normally one to gush, but it’s been bottled up for way too long. On September 3, try to move out of your comfort zone a little in the communication department. Your partner appreciates it so much. Connecting with the deep spirituality of the Full Moon on September 6 allows you to place new romantic intentions into the world. If you want a new partner, ask for it. If you want to deepen your existing connection, ask for that. On September 9, things could get pretty intense, so it’s best to leave your ego behind and allow things to flow as they will. Dates may need to be rescheduled, but try not to take it personally. Sometimes things just shake out that way. On September 12, 15, and 27, you have the go-ahead to think about the long term together.

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