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You have high standards, Capricorn, so you’re often disappointed by love. Even though you’re used to it, the Aries sun-moon (in your sign) square of April 8 reminds you once again that you can’t (and often don’t) always get what you want. The sun shines a light on negative emotions during this aspect, so staying optimistic might not be easy.

You experience a powerful physical attraction during the exciting Venus-Pluto trine on the seventeenth. When there’s a strong hint of mystery, and maybe even danger, you could even feel unable to resist this person’s magnetic pull. Remember that many powerful people have given up a lot in exchange for a good time, and you aren’t above temptation either.

Talkative Mercury forms a difficult square to Saturn, your power planet, on April 25, and miscommunications are inevitable. Frustration sets in when plans go awry, and romantic agreements and arrangements fall through because of one small, overlooked detail. Paying very close attention can help you stay on task, but some detours are inevitable. These things can lead to emotional distance in a long-term (or budding) relationship, but giving in to pessimistic thoughts will only perpetuate the negativity.

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Stellar Guidance


Ah, Pluto. The tiny brute stationed retrograde over the weekend, and is now asking you to do some deep work. Let us help you get through it with these horoscopes written for both your sun and rising signs.

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