October 2018: There’s a new moon in charming Libra on October 8, which encourages you to be more social and easygoing. Because new relationships have a good possibility of thriving now, be on the lookout for people you could see spending your future with.

Venus, the planet of love, is spinning retrograde, and when it squares off with feisty Mars on the tenth, it produces some interesting sexual dynamics. Is there someone you don’t really get along with but are strangely attracted to at the same time? Sometimes that love/hate thing can produce real passion. Don’t try to explain away your feelings too quickly.

The Mercury-Saturn sextile on October 12 helps you make logical, practical decisions about love, and you’re confident about the type of person you’re looking for. Your perfect match is intelligent, steady, and ambitious. Have you dated a Taurus? Give it a try.

A sun-Saturn sextile on the twenty-seventh makes you determined to set the record straight about something you feel is important, and you don’t let anything get in your way once you’ve made up your mind. Don’t be surprised if an ex isn’t holding on to the past like you are. People let things go at their own pace.

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