Month of Feb 2019: February has no retrogrades, so a determined sign like you should be able to get a lot done! What’s at the top of your romantic to-do list? Time to get to work, Capricorn!

The moon drifts into emotional Pisces on the fifth, so you could get caught up in daydreams and fantasies. It isn’t like you to live in la-la land, but it’s a nice place to visit occasionally. You know deep down that this isn’t reality, but you’re choosing to avoid it just this once.

Valentine’s Day is on February 14, and when commanding Mars moves into stubborn Taurus, power could become an issue. Single Goats find themselves playing hard to get, and committed Goats vie for power against their partner. Is any of it worth your energy? There are better things to be doing on this lovers’ day.

Money-centric Venus conjoins your home planet, ambitious Saturn, on the eighteenth, putting a financial spin on your love life. Do money and romance mix, and if so, how? Sometimes there are more questions than answers, but you’ll figure it out.

The moon ends up in optimistic Sagittarius on February 25 through February 27, putting a fun spin on love and dating. You don’t know what adventure might come next, but you’re ready for it.

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