Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of October 1, 2023

Your professional applications are keeping you from spending time with your partner. Even though you tend to be a workaholic and love your job, you are beginning to get a little frustrated that your career is taking precedence over your romantic life and holding you back in other social situations since you're at the office all the time. Therefore, it's time for you to make hard decisions and set limits with your job. 

Rather than burning the midnight oil every night of the week, you should make time to be with your partner and friends. Balance is crucial — especially since you never allow yourself to have fun with your crew during the week, and you deserve to. What's the point of working hard if you can't blow off steam with your loved ones every once in a while?

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Weekly Work Horoscope

What do you want to pursue, Capricorn? Consider the next steps in your professional journey when Mercury in Virgo opposes Neptune retrograde in Pisces on Sunday, October 2. Talking about your options and getting more information might be the best way to explore new professional opportunities. You could even have a chance to explore the investment a direction would entail since Venus in Leo will also trine the North Node in Aries. As you get more information, you may find that everything you need could easily fall into place.  By the following...

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Weekly Dating Horoscope

Early this week you find yourself involved in several big conversations that engage your mind in new ways. You don't suddenly have a doctorate in philosophy, but you might make a good impression on the right person. Thursday and Friday are perfect for dates (and Wednesday's not bad either, if you can swing it). Your social energy is powerful on those days and your focus just right. It might feel like someone is asking too much of you over the weekend, but try to be flexible and compromise.

Capricorn Daily Love Horoscope

October 04, 2023

After plenty of hiccups and hurdles in recent weeks, mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger planet, has decided to enter your solar tenth house of achievement, Capricorn. While this won't directly impact your personal or romantic life much, it's an ideal moment to tell your significant other that you...

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Capricorn Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of October 2023

The odd couple of romantic Venus and reserved Virgo that starts on October 8 actually works for you, Capricorn. While some people find this tight transit too restricting, you like it when there are firm rules in place. Try to avoid being critical of someone who doesn’t seem to know what those rules...

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Capricorn Yearly Love Horoscope

Year of 2023

As a practical earth sign, no one would mistake you for the overly romantic type, but you still welcome love as an important part of your life. The year 2023 is a good time to continue to focus on romantic goals as well as branch out a little where love is concerned. Okay, Capricorn, so we’ve...

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