capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope for the Week of March 7, 2021

Week of March 7, 2021 This Week


You may be doing a lot of thinking about who you are once this week begins. On March 8, the moon and Pluto will join together in your first house of the self, which might put you in touch with your shadow side. However, as you attempt to understand the darker sides of your personality, it will give you a stronger control over who you become, strengthening your relationships in the process.

However, that feeling of being head over heels in love (or wanting to be head over heels in love) might leave you feeling out of sorts by March 9. As the moon moves through your second house of stability will square Uranus in your fifth house of romance. There’s a difference between love that is genuine and true and love that is addicting. If you find yourself in a cycle where you’re waiting for attention from your crush and forgetting to focus on yourself, take control of the situation.

In fact, you can talk these feelings through on March 13, when Venus and Neptune join forces in your third house of communication, encouraging conversations based on empathy. However, you may be falling for honeyed words, so remember not to place too much faith in empty promises.