July 2018: Whether you’re male or female, Mars forces you to take the romantic lead. And with his position in Aquarius and your seventh house of “forever after” this month, you may just find yourself initiating a juicy love affair. He’s retrograde, too, so you could actually be pushy.

The solar eclipse on July 12 sees you using that surplus of loving energy you were born with and expressing feeling you didn’t think you wanted to expose. Exposure creates intimacy, and you could find that the pull on the heartstrings is so great that you consider putting a signature on a legal document.

Mercury turning retrograde in your own sign brings confusion on the twenty-fifth, and this confusion could just stop you in your tracks and force you to rethink all this heat.

On July 27, a lunar eclipse in your seventh house of happily ever after reignites the fire, and it’s all about intensity, intimacy, and lofty dreams. This eclipse wants to keep love kinky and hush-hush to savor the intimacy. You may be itching for a romantic getaway and quickly put a plan into action.

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