Month of Jan 2019: You have never been a rookie when it comes to taking chances with the heart, but under the light of a solar eclipse on January 5, your outside-the-box thinking is more than evident. Although at times you feel your lovemaking is becoming routine, your partner is totally enthralled with the raucous and risky romance you bring to the table.

The very next day, Uranus moves into direct motion, and this could be the night when a dramatic stranger makes an appearance and brings along a strong feeling of déjà vu.
With Neptune, the star of confusion, rose-colored glasses, and deception squaring Jupiter on the thirteenth, the exuberance is so strong that it’s hard to keep you from pouncing. It’s one of your involuntary responses, especially when you’re so intrigued.

On January 21, a supermoon lunar eclipse in your own sign of Leo tempts you to exaggerate your feelings to solidify the mood. The very next day, a Venus-Jupiter conjunction intensifies your sexual impulses. You can enjoy this experience without talking about long-term love, but beware that your partner may feel the urge to discuss this topic.

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