leo Daily Horoscope for April 13, 2021

April 13, 2021

As a Leo, you’re cosmically guided by the life-giving sun. Today’s skies witness the sun’s optimistic and energizing union with trail-blazing Mars. This pairing gives you the guts, follow-through, and motivation you need to apply towards any ambitious efforts you have waiting in the wings. Meanwhile, the practical Taurus moon’s union with surprise-bringer Uranus brings new insights to career matters.

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Daily Love

Single or attached, today's energy is encouraging you to cultivate a healthy work-life balance, Leo. This is especially significant for you to consider, as the moon will light up your bossy tenth house of career, but also clash with structured Saturn via your committed seventh house of significant others. For some of you, this could be the other way around; your lover could be caught up in their professional life and not giving you the attention you need. On a brighter note, you have the red-hot warrior planet sizzling through your experimental eleventh house of associations, friendships, and society, which is adding a little spice to your social life.

Daily Work

Lion, a significant working relationship is becoming a focus for you today in your professional sector. The lucrative Taurus moon is activating changeable Uranus in your tenth house and sending tense energy to Saturn in Aquarius. Together, this planetary alignment is encouraging you to move forward with originality before conforming to an employer, colleague, or manager’s desires. Be careful to navigate with tact. Planning and strategy are always good things to do first.

Daily Dating

Your friends are all in a muddle about what to do next, and each idea sounds more insane than the one before. Just roll your eyes and let them freak out. You have better things to do!

Daily Bonus

Your sense of ethics might get riled up. Be wary -- and outspoken, if necessary.