leo Daily Horoscope for May 15, 2021

May 15, 2021

Some days are better spent outside the reach of society, Leo. Saturday is one of those days! The highly sensitive Cancer moon prompts you to withdraw from the world to process the unspoken feelings that have been emerging over the week. Luna’s union with hot-headed Mars later on can stoke anger and irritability, so aim to move your body and prioritize active release if you get frustrated.

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Daily Love

Things might not be making sense at the moment, but this lack of clarity isn't going to last very long, Leo. This is especially true for those of you romantically linked to someone who's at a distance from you, as the foundation of this pairing could seem fragile, or perhaps out of your hands. This, of course, is all thanks to the moon's square with the wounded healer, Chiron, via your ninth house of faith, but by that same token, there's an opportunity for healing coming your way. Open your heart to the possibilities, and don't be afraid to surrender. What's meant to be will be.

Daily Work

Leo, make your presence known, as you already naturally do! You can feel appreciation from others about the work you do. This can leave you feeling empowered and motivated to continue going in the beneficial direction you’ve been heading toward. The pileup of planets in your eleventh house of groups, friends, and your network, is bringing good news your way. Beautiful Venus is in the mix, adding a dash of charm and luck.

Daily Dating

You may not be made of money, but you do have a quality that most people do not have: you are very giving! When your crush realizes that, you will for sure outshine the competition!

Daily Bonus

Making plans for a big date? There's no need to impress. Keep it simple and light.