Leo Daily Horoscope

October 4, 2023

You'll crave spiritual connection as the Gemini moon aligns with Chiron this morning, sweet Leo, encouraging you to bond on a soul level. Be sure to take action on any ideas you've been toying with as Mars aligns with the Nodes of Fate, pushing you to make good on any promises you've made yourself. Your wits will sharpen as evening rolls in and Mercury enters Libra, elevating your conversational skills and natural curiosity. Consider connecting with your community either online or within the material realms as the day comes to a close and Luna blows a kiss to sweet Venus.

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Daily Food Horoscope

Preaching to people about sensible nutrition is one thing, showing them is another. Take friends grocery shopping and steer them by the salad bar. When they see the array of healthy choices they'll take a pass on the rotisserie chicken and barbecued short ribs in the hot food section.

Daily Home Horoscope

A nursery rhyme remembered leads you to fantasize in the garden. Ladybugs make a cute motif for most any room. Outdoors, the speckled red beetles chomp on bad bugs, such as aphids.

Daily Dog Horoscope

There's no reason to feel anything but adoration when the celebrities trot by. You'll be in their inner posse soon enough. Until then, settle for basking in their glory.

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Daily Teen Horoscope

You're feeling as good as can be -- and you know that you're going to do well on that test or ask out that hottie without a flaw! Whatever you choose to do, you're at your very best!

Daily Cat Horoscope

You're on top of the world and absolutely confident in your feline capacities -- so get out there and have some fun! It's easy to see that you're the top cat on a day like today and your energy is limitless!

Daily Bonus Horoscope

Be calm. Controlling your emotions sets others at ease and makes you a hero.