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Leo Daily Horoscope

June 20, 2024

Your wits and daring will be rewarded by the stars this morning, dear Leo, as the Sagittarius moon and Nodes of Fate align to promote bravery and creative action. Just try not to worry about what others may think when the sun and Neptune square off, staying true to your own path. If you need a break from prying eyes, consider embracing more solitude once the sun enters Cancer this afternoon, marking a period of introspection and soul searching. Create new structures to support your passions and artistic pursuits when Saturn activates later tonight, especially if you've been neglecting personal interests.


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Daily Food Horoscope

Lead by example today -- if not for your sake, then for the sake of those who love you. If your kids see you wolf down a slice of toast and cup of coffee for breakfast every day, they're liable to do the same. So start getting up just a little bit earlier so you can prepare oatmeal, egg white omelets or yogurt and fruit.

Daily Home Horoscope

A surge of energy will cause some restlessness on this night. If the TV seems too mundane, turn it off, throw on some music, and get going on a project that can be completed in one night. Do I smell banana bread?

Daily Dog Horoscope

Bit by bit, you've learned to fit in, but you're capable of so much more than just being one of the pack. Realize this and be patient. You could become the alpha dog.

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Daily Teen Horoscope

Whoa! Where did all these people come from, getting in your way? You might be annoyed at first, but take a closer look -- these pesky pals might just be slowing you down from doing something stupid.

Daily Cat Horoscope

It's snuggle time -- so get closer to your favorite human, toy or furball and get comfy! Your energy is best spent in the company of someone close, and you should find both of you have a great time!

Daily Bonus Horoscope

A close friendship will inspire you to do what is best for you in the long run.