Ox Weekly Chinese Horoscopes

Week of July 7, 2024

This week, you’re painting with bold strokes.

The week begins on Sunday, July 7, with the Yin water Monkey day. It’s possible you could make financial gains if you consider taking just a bit of risk. You’re good about being cautious and your planning is meticulous, but in the uncertain landscape of the financial world, diversification and dollar cost averaging are considered tried-and-true methods. Ox, these can help ensure a steady footing on your path to success.

The Yin wood Pig day is Wednesday, July 10. In the last few weeks, you might have discovered some new interests. Today, find a friend or relative who is young at heart or young in years to explore one of these activities. Together, you can help each other. Your steadiness will blend with their energy to bring you both a really good time.

Friday, July 12, is the Yin fire Ox day. While you always interact with steadiness and natural charm, you might need a little extra diplomacy for a discussion with your sweetheart. Ox, a minor dispute could escalate quickly into a melodramatic showdown, taking you both by surprise. Instead, seek to understand your partner’s point of view to foster harmony in your romantic union.


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