tiger Weekly Chinese Horoscopes for Week of August 7, 2022

Week of August 7, 2022 Last Week

This week, you are making the effort.

On Tuesday, August 9, it’s the Yang wood Horse day. Tiger, you and your sweetheart could enjoy a little intimate recreation. Things could get quite steamy and sexy when you’re playing in the pool together or spending the evening in a hot tub. It’s all good, clean fun with a touch of flirting and romance. This could put a smile on your face.

The Yang fire Monkey day is Thursday, August 11. It is also the full moon. Tiger, you could meet someone of significance. This could be an authority in your field, an influencer, or someone who is further along in their career. This person could give you a helping hand, but you need to accommodate their busy schedule. Be ready to be flexible and you can get their attention.

The week comes to an end on Sunday, August 14, with the Yin earth Pig day. Tiger, as the saying goes, be so good they can’t ignore you. As you look ahead toward the workweek, it’s a good idea to prepare to lean in and really give it your all. It’s possible you have a deadline looming, or perhaps the CEO is paying a visit or inspecting your office. Today, you’re preparing yourself for the challenges ahead.

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