Ox Weekly Chinese Horoscopes

Week of April 14, 2024

This week, you’re making an interesting and pleasurable connection.

The week begins on Sunday, April 14, with the Yang earth Monkey day. Ox, while you’re known for your persistence, you could be extremely focused today and make good headway on an important project. This is especially true if this project concerns finances, investments, or insurance. You can finish paperwork and make decisions. This could bring some profits later this year.

The Yin metal Pig day is Wednesday, April 17. Ox, you could be incorporating some new technology. You might get rid of cords and get wireless devices. You might upgrade a thermostat or security system in your house. You might find an app that does something you’ve been doing by hand. If you code for a living, you could get an important offer.

Friday, April 19, is the Yin water Ox day. You might have more energy than usual. Ox, you might want to go hiking or take out your bike for a ride. This is a good time to breathe some fresh air and get your heart pumping. Consider connecting with a fellow nature lover for a romantic rendezvous in the great outdoors. Magical things can happen when you’re outside today.

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