Snake Weekly Chinese Horoscopes

Week of March 10, 2024

This week, you are very creative. The week begins on Sunday, March 10, with the Yin water Rooster day. It is also the new moon. Snake, romance goes well when you treat your partner like royalty. This is something you do naturally. But you’re coming to the point where it’s necessary for you to tell your partner what you need.

Tuesday, March 12, is the Yin wood Pig day. Snake, you could be doing something creative and fun. You might visit an art gallery or create some AI art. You might create your own abstract art by spraying paint in different colors onto the canvas.

The Yin fire Ox day is Thursday, March 14. Snake, someone might ask you about your personal philosophy, and this could get you thinking about whether what you believed as a child is still valid. Or you might read a book about Zen, stoicism, or some other philosophical system.

Friday, March 15, is the Yang earth Tiger day. Snake, you might receive some applause. You could be in front of a group. You might be on stage modeling clothes, reciting a passage, or introducing an event.

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