sagittarius Daily Horoscope for March 2, 2021

By Mackenzie Greer

March 2, 2021 Today

It’s easy to feel “off” with your goals today, Sagittarius. Don’t let this passing feeling get the best of you! The balanced Libra moon gets thrown off-kilter this afternoon, as she faces a tough interaction with raw Pluto. This can create stress around finances, resources, and the activation of your talents. Come evening, the moon slides into sensitive Scorpio, quieting the atmosphere and pulling you inward.

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Daily Love

Venus is slipping into her silk robe and making herself at home via your domestic fourth house of family and inner foundations, and well... this is an opportunity for you to do the same. Single or taken, this is precisely why you've been craving more time in your sweet sanctuary, despite everything you have going on. So, whether it be a homemade dinner for two, or some sultry bantering with your crush via text, home is where your heart is. Although, with today's moon igniting your eleventh house of associations, community, friendship, and technology, let alone trine Mercury and lucky Jupiter in your communication sector. You'll want to be near WiFi.

Daily Work

Dear Sagittarius, you may be recovering from health concerns that have created delays and roadblocks in terms of getting your work accomplished on time. This is completely understandable, as self-care is just as important as your career. Peaceful Venus in Pisces is sending positive energy to Uranus in Taurus in your sixth house, giving you the dose of restorative energy you’ve been needing. This could inspire you to feel fully driven to get things done.

Daily Dating

You're kind of a chatterbox today, which works out just fine with your friends and the hotties you meet at parties. You do actually have stuff to say, but you're fine with the small talk as well.

Daily Bonus

You get along with all types, from emperors to serfs. Work those people skills.