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sagittarius Daily Horoscope for November 30, 2021

November 30, 2021

A welcome sense of support and a steady supply of imagination come sweeping in under Tuesday’s skies, Sagittarius. Magnetic Venus spends the day out to sea with illusory Neptune, offering you the chance to creatively activate your talents and reel in inspiration on the home front. Simultaneously, the illuminating sun’s meet-up with grounded Saturn provides you with realistic thinking and a future-oriented mindset that translates well into productive conversations.

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Daily Love

Both the sun and savvy Mercury — celestial ruler of your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, and significant others — continue to transit through your mutable fires, energizing and revitalizing you, but there's more. What are you looking for in a significant other, Sagittarius? And though there's no such thing as perfect, today's enchanting Venus-Neptune sextile will activate your stability-seeking second house of value systems and emotionally driven fourth house of innermost feelings. Either way, whether you're single or romantically attached, you're being called to go inward during this time. In fact, using your words to speak up is also key.

Daily Work

How can you make the best impact at work, Sagittarius? With the ongoing sun-Mercury conjunction, your mind and words have immense power at work. Since both planets sextile Saturn today, you are cautioned to seriously consider your input. Saturn has a restrictive tone, so you may not feel as inclined to say whatever comes to mind. Luckily, Saturn’s influence is perfect for structuring your pitches, meetings, correspondence, and interviews. Since Mars continues to sextile Venus, you will find that your input is still charming and valued despite Saturn’s mature undertones.

Daily Dating

Mix two parts creativity, one part romance, and one part general-purpose passion. This strange new brew of invention and innovation is electrifying for you and for everyone around you.

Daily Bonus

Are you up to date on everything? Double-check your schedule to make totally sure.