sagittarius Daily Horoscope for September 26, 2021

September 26, 2021

Sagittarius people are great at stepping back and examining their big picture for life. Let yourself reconnect with that skill today as messenger Mercury launches into its retrograde phase in equilibrium-seeking Libra. This reflective, backwards dance entices you to re-examine your long-term goals and sense of community. Expect old friends to come out of the woodwork too, now through October 18.

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Daily Love

Spending quality time is a love language, Sagittarius. With the moon hovering over your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, and significant others, you’re likely more preoccupied with your lover’s emotional needs and/or making it a point to be more present for them. Single? Swift exchanges and witty banter are likely, but only if you’re open to getting out there and mingling. The good news is, Luna will be in harmony with red-hot Mars—celestial ruler of your romantic fifth house of love—via your socially conscious eleventh house of community, which, in turn, increases the chances of solidifying a connection of sorts. Social media is welcome.

Daily Work

What dreams are on your mind, Sagittarius? Mars meets Saturn retrograde in a trine today, asking you to be serious about your professional aspirations. Since Mars is activating your throat chakra, you may want to talk your professional dreams over with a trusted advisor or colleague. Consider who you would reach out to over the next week for insight, feedback, and/or advice. But before you approach this individual, you may want to finalize the details of your professional aspirations. Solidify what you want to accomplish, the ideal deadline for it, and some steps to get there.

Daily Dating

It's a good time to plan ahead and make sure things stay that way! You're feeling pretty sure of yourself, or at least you can tell that one important aspect of your life is chugging along as it should be.

Daily Bonus

You'll be closer to your dreams if you let the universe know what they are.