sagittarius Daily Horoscope for May 5, 2021

May 5, 2021

You’re likely to be dealing with some heavy material behind closed doors today, Sagittarius. Be sure not to brush off your feelings and plow through them. The soulful Pisces moon reaches out to self-interested Mars, helping you take action on stagnant relationship concerns. Elsewhere, bond-building Venus aligns with transformative Pluto, bringing supportive changes to how you do your craft.

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Daily Love

Check in with yourself and your sweetheart, Sagittarius. The moon slips into your cozy fourth house of home, family, innermost feelings, and emotional foundations today, encouraging you to go inward and prioritize your sense of stability. More importantly, however, the moon will be making a harmonious trine to go-getter Mars—the ruler of your romantic fifth house of love—via your eighth house of intimate unions, energetic exchanges, and soulmate connections. For instance, if you've been reluctant to open up to a crush or lover, today's astro weather is providing you with the confidence and courage to move forward. Being vulnerable is hardly an easy task, but it's time.

Daily Work

There can be a sense of confusion as you go about your daily work schedule today, Sagittarius. You can feel lethargic, while experiencing delays in terms of a project or task. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to go with the flow. This energy is due to the Pisces moon forming a connection with Neptune in your emotional center. This can knock you off-kilter. It would be wise to make an organized list and schedule to help you from missing things.

Daily Dating

Try your best to adjust to the changing circumstances you see today, though it isn't easy! It's worth it to you, but it might take some time for that to become obvious to you or anyone else.

Daily Bonus

You shine like a light bulb and you've turned somebody on. Go ahead; hold hands!