sagittarius Daily Horoscope for May 9, 2021

May 9, 2021

The universe has been begging you to look at ancient wounds around your self-confidence, Sagittarius. This story is highlighted today, as the go-getter Aries moon locks into a square with emotionally intense Pluto. This connection implores you to put faith into your creative projects and face your personal demons head on. Later, the moon meets up with optimistic Jupiter and settles the dust before moving into hardworking Taurus.

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Daily Love

Don't give in if it isn't worth your time and energy, Sagittarius. This is especially significant for you to consider today, as the moon in your fifth house of passion will clash with smoldering Pluto via your second house of value systems. Single or taken, you could feel an insatiable urge to make a move, but by that same token, you know this person isn't here to serve your highest good. And though all relationships are about a healthy "give and take," it's important to discern between what's toxic, and what's working in your favor. Fortunately, Venus made its official debut in your relationship sector yesterday, so help is on the way.

Daily Work

Archer, you can feel a positive surge of energy at this time. You may have had some concerns over your wellness, which has also affected your work. Taking time for yourself and allowing moments of rest is the best way to take advantage of this energy. The self-care-driven Taurus moon is in your sixth house of work and wellbeing. Health is wealth after all! Not only will this renew your inspiration, but it will give time to recuperate and come back to work with creative vigor.

Daily Dating

You aren't all that crazy about doing paperwork or staying organized beyond the bare minimum, but today brings more and more until you can't take it! Get help from a friend.

Daily Bonus

Grab a friend and toss an intellectual matter around. You'll like what you achieve.