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Rabbit Weekly Chinese Horoscopes

Week of September 24, 2023 This Week

This week, you’re thinking long term.

The week begins on Sunday, September 24, with the Yin wood Rooster day. Rabbit, you and your partner might be discussing long-term plans. You could talk about your attitudes regarding marriage, raising children, or dealing with finances. If you’re already in a committed relationship, you could be aligning personal philosophies so that you can be closer to each other.

The Yang earth Rat day is Wednesday, September 27. Rabbit, you might feel a little rebellious when your supervisor issues some commands. Some of their suggestions aren’t as practical as they might think. But before you stir others into an uprising, consider that your feelings might be hurt because you weren’t consulted, even though you have a lot of experience.

Friday, September 29, is the Yang metal Tiger day. It is also the full moon. Rabbit, you tend to collect a lot of emotions and stress in your body, and today is a good day to clear that. You might do that by standing in the shower and visualizing the water washing the negative energy down the drain. Or you could burn sage or incense to clear the air in your home and around your body. You’ll soon be feeling better.

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