Rat Weekly Chinese Horoscopes

Week of April 14, 2024

This week, you’re getting closer to your goal.

The week begins on Sunday, April 14, with the Yang earth Monkey day. Rat, you have additional options today (especially for a business or educational matter), but this is not the time to give in to wishful thinking. Instead of focusing on what you hope will happen, get closer to your goal by contacting a decision-maker or getting advice from someone knowledgeable. Today, you can get help when you ask.

The Yin metal Pig day is Wednesday, April 17. Rat, you could receive a blessing today. You might find some money in the street, get a hug from someone you’ve just met, or receive a gift of some value. This is a little reminder from the Universe that there is abundance in the world. The small gift you receive means that more is coming.

Friday, April 19, is the Yin water Ox day. Rat, your mind is on financial matters, especially your investments. You could be making decisions about taking profits or reallocating funds. You might attend a seminar or watch a webinar. This is a good time to study investing or accounting in general.


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