Horse Monthly Chinese Horoscopes

Month of June 2024

The month of June brings Horse natives the I Ching hexagram of fire over earth (35). 

Horse, the road you’re on starts to get a little steep this month, but you can advance through your own determination. You can persevere over and around obstacles. You have a great opportunity for advancement now, so don’t let slow progress dampen your enthusiasm. Gradual success is the best kind because it is stable and strong.

On Thursday, June 6, there is a new moon. Horse, you might be signing an important contract. It’s possible you are buying a house or a vehicle. This might be a contract for employment or something related to your own business. It’s also possible you’re applying for a permit for building or a particular type of business. This is a good time to update your passport, driver’s license, or other official documents.

The full moon is on Friday, June 21. Horse, you might spend a lot of time with relatives now. Family members from out of town could be visiting and even staying with you. You might be showing off your new house or some renovations you completed. If an older relative is moving, you could help them get settled in their new place.

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