Pig Monthly Chinese Horoscopes

Month of June 2024

The month of June brings Pig natives the I Ching hexagram of lake over mountain (31). 

Pig, you are winning hearts with your persuasive charm and graceful empathy. You’re building rapport and trust, and others are willing to be led by you. You can cultivate important relationships, partnerships, and connections by being your authentic self at this time. This month, others are lifting you up as a leader.

On Thursday, June 6, there is a new moon. Pig, you might be renovating your home. Or perhaps you bought a fixer-upper and now you’re rolling up your sleeves to get to work. You could be working outside in the garden or building an outdoor room for when friends come over. If you have recently moved, you might be spending this time unpacking.

The full moon is on Friday, June 21. Pig, you could be tackling some technology issues around the house. It’s possible that the WiFi keeps going out or you’re installing a new security system. You might upgrade your television, microwave, or some other appliance. If you deal with technology for a living, this could be a very lucrative time. You might expand your business or land a new job.

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