Pisces Daily Horoscope

July 14, 2024

You'll feel connected to corners of the universe both near and far, dear Pisces, as the moon enters Scorpio and your solar ninth house. This luminary placement unleashes your mystical side, though it'll be important that you protect your energy from negative or destructive people when Pluto becomes agitated. Use this cosmic climate as an excuse to lay low, looking for opportunities to call in joy rather than battling against that which does not serve you. Consider capping off your weekend by catching up on chores and meal prepping for the work week ahead when Luna and Venus square off.

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Daily Food Pisces Horoscope

Today you might feel you've been zapped into a strange alternate universe. This sudden break from reality could make for a trying day, so do your best until your workday is through. Then do as little as possible; perhaps just heating up a pot of New England clam chowder that's as thick as the fog in your brain.

Daily Home Pisces Horoscope

As the chosen leader of your latest home renovation project, you may have to do a little research on things as mundane as finding studs in the wall. The good news is that if you do the research, others may be willing to do the grunt work.

Daily Dog Pisces Horoscope

Wanting an alpha is perfectly normal for any dog, and it's an absolute necessity for a dog like you. If your humans are away, then you don't play until someone else fills their shoes. You'll get a willing substitute leader today.

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Daily Teen Pisces Horoscope

Suddenly you're hit with the perfect idea for what your circle needs. Now you have to convince your people you're right. Start with the pal you're closest with and work outward.

Daily Cat Pisces Horoscope

Are you good at keeping secrets? That may or may not be the case on normal days, but right now, you're totally hopeless! You need to avoid contact with your friends if you need to hide anything.

Daily Bonus Pisces Horoscope

Learn from the blabbermouths around you -- think before you add your two cents.