pisces Daily Horoscope for August 1, 2021

August 1, 2021

Sunday’s skies are likely to be melancholic and heavy, Pisces. The path-guiding sun merges with expressive Mercury, bringing important insights into your current work landscape. This unit also locks into an intense opposition with limitation-setting Saturn, which can have you feeling like you’re crushed under a weight. Aim to restructure your approach to prioritize organization and embrace the necessary reality check.

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Daily Love

Let your lover speak their truth before you jump to any conclusions, Pisces. For instance, in addition to the stubborn moon in Taurus hovering over your curious third house of communication, thought process, and general exchanges, it will simultaneously clash with audacious Mars via your committed seventh house of significant others. So, despite whether you're single or already attached, chances are you and your special someone are set in your ways which, in turn, creates friction and disagreements. Fortunately, Luna (celestial ruler of your romantic fifth house of love, passion and pleasure) will be in harmonious alignment with your planetary ruler, Neptune. Lean into your compassionate side.

Daily Work

Don’t expect today to bring you a whirlwind of success, Pisces. In fact, you’ll feel like you’re being teased by a very confusing universe as it gives you mixed signals! Initially, the sun and Mercury will link in your solar sixth house of employment, likely bringing an exciting meeting or email from your job. An opportunity for a contract, new job, or client could present itself and fill you with a great deal of excitement. Yet, shortly thereafter, a dark Saturn in your solar twelfth house is hissing ice and coal. It shows that there will be many challenges ahead if you move forward at this time. You don’t have all the facts, as something murky is working behind the scenes. Wait until later in the week to decide how you want to proceed.

Daily Dating

Try to chill and let the situation go on its own for a while, even if you're driving yourself crazy over your roommates' unpaid share of the bills or obsessing over the difference between your income and where you want to be.

Daily Bonus

Even though you want to help, a friend's troubled relationship is their own issue.