pisces Daily Horoscope for December 8, 2021

December 8, 2021

There’s nothing that quite refreshes your spirit like solitude, Pisces. Let yourself maintain another low-key day away from taxing social situations as the eccentric Aquarius moon helps you reconnect to your own source. Luna enjoys a variety of sweet connections as she reaches out to the illuminating sun, expressive Mercury, and faith-instilling Jupiter, making it a great day to quietly push along with career projects in a creative fashion.

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Daily Love

You've been keeping feelings to yourself for quite some time, Pisces. Though there's nothing wrong with embracing your sweet solitude and partaking in self-reflection, choosing not to speak up is still a choice. This is especially significant to consider with the moon and your traditional ruler, Jupiter, glimmering through your twelfth house of closure, dreams, unconscious patterns, and all things behind the scenes. The good news is that Luna will simultaneously sextile savvy Mercury — via your bossy tenth house of authority — which means it's time to take the initiative, even if that means acting on it quietly for the time being.

Daily Work

Pisces, there may be a change in your inner monologue. As Mars continues to square Jupiter, your educational path honing your professional skills could be hindered by your mindset. There could be doubts about your ability to succeed in your unique professional goals. You may wonder if you are supported in your educational pursuits. There may be doubt around tapping into your exceptional talents. Since the moon is now influencing your subconscious, you ought to reconnect with your dreams with a positive outlook. Quit doubting your journey in your career!

Daily Dating

It can be hard to describe how lovely the world is. That's why poetry comes in handy. Listen to some tunes and maybe invite a friend or love interest over. Start making beautiful music (or words) together.

Daily Bonus

Everything is mutable -- the shifts in the world will keep you on your toes today.