pisces Daily Horoscope for September 24, 2021

September 24, 2021

Don’t hold back when it comes to speaking your truth today, Pisces. The moon’s presence in grounded Taurus prompts you to communicate through the written or spoken word, so find someone to engage with or seek out a journal to spill your thoughts into. Luna’s entanglement with the unsettling opposition between Venus and Uranus can help bring a sense of closure to any drama that may have cropped up yesterday.

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Daily Love

Keeping your personal opinions to yourself, Pisces? Luna continues to transit through your curious third house of communication, thought processes, and immediate surroundings, highlighting everything from your community affairs to your flirty exchanges, but it doesn't end there. The moon will directly oppose luscious Venus via your adventurous ninth house of expansion, worldly pursuits, and unknown territory, creating friction between the attachment you have to your immediate environment and your desire for adventure and romance. The moon will also sextile dreamy Neptune in your sign, adding a layer of fantasy to the mix, so be sure to stay grounded during this time.

Daily Work

It is time to take a step back to reconsider your professional course of action, Pisces. Today, Mars trines Saturn retrograde, which is asking you to seriously consider any actions you take in terms of your career growth and development. The trine is an air trine that infers that considering your career growth and development will be done in a logical, strategic manner. It is head over heart, which is perfect for you to look at everything for what it is without becoming too emotionally invested. If needed, reach out to a mentor or trusted advisor for insight! 

Daily Dating

Money issues may be bugging you, but that's no reason to let go of other parts of your life. In fact, if you can figure out one other problem that's on your mind, your finances will ease up.

Daily Bonus

If you're too critical today, they will focus on the problem instead of a solution.