Sheep Weekly Chinese Horoscopes

Week of July 14, 2024

This week, you have a key to new opportunities.

The week begins on Sunday, July 14, with the Yin earth Rabbit day. Goat, you have a wealth of knowledge that can help others. Someone might ask you to mentor them, or a family member could ask for some tutoring. You might sit with an older relative to help them edit photos or post on social media. This is a good time to teach a class at a local senior center and share what you know.

The Yang water Horse day is Wednesday, July 17. Goat, it’s good to indulge in some activities that nurture your well-being. You might want to sleep in today. Or consider taking a leisurely day trip to a nearby lake or beach where you can bask in the warm sun. Or take a trip to a high elevation to breathe the cool mountain air.

Friday, July 19, is the Yang wood Monkey day. This is a good time to the sow seeds of your financial prosperity by investing in long-term ventures or exploring business opportunities for growth. You might be looking at investing in an IPO. You might be considering a calculated risk, such as a leveraged ETF. You’re laying the groundwork for future abundance.


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