Year of 2018: For the sign of the Horse, the year of the earth Dog is one of increased vigilance. Where you may have let yourself slide in other years, or simply found yourself too overwhelmed to be effective, this year presents some true opportunities.

In love and your personal life, attachments formed in the past become important all over again. Friends and lovers emerge from the past to test your loyalties at times, and you may find yourself having to make some difficult decisions. Given your polite alliance with the Dog energy, any positive energy you put into the world will be returned many times over.

Friends come to rely on you for your sage advice. Expect more of the same this year, as their lives may become more challenging, and they need more of your time than normal. Try to devote as much to self-care as you can during this year. You’re going to need it.

Year of 2018: Horse natives have never been strangers to hard work. What you put in last year may have had you questioning your sanity, so focused were you on making progress in your career.

You’ve laid a firm foundation at your present position for more progress this year, too. Sometimes challenging are demands placed on you, to work in pairs or groups. This goes against your need for independence, but the year of the earth Dog asks that you give it a try. You’ll learn how to communicate better on the job, to collaborate, and to rise together.

Around the solar eclipse of February 15, you may have an opportunity to advance a little further by showing higher-ups what you’re really made of. From tight deadlines to handling difficult clients, you can handle it.

In fact, the earth Dog energy gives you a quiet kind of confidence your colleagues can’t match. You’re able to ask for what you deserve by September, when you deliver your work before the deadline and under budget. For those seeking a new position, the month of October opens new doors. Be ready to walk through them with your head held high. You can do this. You know you can.

Year of 2018: If you’re a single Horse and looking to settle down with someone special this year, you may just find The One. That’s because the Horse and the Dog get along well, and have complementary skills and desires, which can be used to develop strong unions.

During the month of April, you experience a surge of good fortune when it comes to dating. You’re a little extra magnetic, and a little more confident, which only acts like catnip to potential dating partners. As you’re having fun dating around, the earth Dog energy begins to get you thinking about settling down. What would it take to get you off the market? As you think about getting serious with someone, try not to talk yourself out of anything great.

Those Horse natives already in serious relationships find that sending flirty texts and messages throughout the day reignites passion. This year, more than ever before, you decide to put each other first. That means sneaking away from work for a nooner, booking a couple’s massage, or jetting away for an intimate getaway. Expect fireworks all over again as you remember what made you fall for each other in the first place. The solar eclipse of August 11 is extra hot.

Horse natives also find that friends could become lovers this year, particularly during November and December. The earth Dog energy may turn lust into love before long. Even if it may be uncharacteristic for your sign, it’ll be a fun adventure either way. Enjoy the ride!

Year of 2018: When it comes to your health, Horse, you usually radiate strength and wellbeing.

During the year of the earth Dog, however, you’re urged to pare away the parts of your life that aren’t working, and instead are draining your energy, or causing physical harm. Someone close to you may have become toxic around December and January, demanding that you do things you’re not comfortable with at all.

Rather than giving in, choosing your own mental wellbeing above theirs draws a necessary boundary while eliminating your stress. Other pursuits that can help this year are meditation, which teaches compassion and patience, and yoga, which can strengthen your mind-body connection. Both bolster your physical self. Making some dietary shifts adds more protein, and helps with some of the less than healthy cravings you’ve experienced lately.

Look to the fall months as perfect times to make needed adjustments to your fitness plan. Switching it up keeps things fresh.

Year of 2018: When it comes to wealth, Horse natives like you know how to plan. That’s why the year of the earth Dog is one of your best times for amassing more wealth, and investing it in a way that only grows it more into the future.

While other signs fritter away their funds, letting them run through their hands like water, you’re busy securing your future. Cash flow increases around the lunar eclipse of July 27, as a result of a salary increase, dividends, or possibly a tax return or small gambling win.

Taking half of this to have some fun with is crucial to morale, especially when your working life gets a little tougher. The other half can be used to try a new stock, bond, or other investment. Once you read and understand how it works, you’re off and running. Sharing the wealth is part of the deal for your sign, and people love you for it.

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