Year of 2018: Of all the signs in the Chinese zodiac, yours gets along best with the Dog. You own a deep sensitivity, and determination to make the world a better place. Your loyalty to others also knows no bounds.

So, during the year of the earth Dog, your sign is poised to make some great progress toward all your goals. In love, money, your personal life, and health, positive strides come when you put your effort and intention into your life. You’re great at blending in with the crowd, and not standing out.

But this year, you learn how to make an impression without having to be untrue to who you are. Just your mere presence has a way of making others feel calm. You can use that to your advantage through the year, as people flock to your side for business reasons, and just to show their love and affection for who you are.

Year of 2018: One of your superpowers is your ability to take any situation, job or desk and work your magic on it until it’s perfectly organized. This earns you not only the respect of your workplace but mad props from your higher-ups.

This year, as the year of the Dog takes over, you have an amazing opportunity to ascend the ladder a little more, by patiently waiting for others to make their mistakes, and continuing your perfectionist streak on the job. The time around the solar eclipse of February 15 allows you to quietly yet firmly ask for what you’re worth. In salary negotiations, no need to be harsh or critical. Instead, expressing your affection for and loyalty to the company works wonders, and earns you a space on the roster.

If you’re looking for work, this time opens door to new positions focused on what you do best. Don’t sell yourself short at this time. It may be tempting to take less because you just want to be employed. Being a little tougher before signing on the dotted line earns you respect as you walk into the door and into your brand-new office. Your cash flow increases when you’re a little more demanding than is comfortable for you.

Year of 2018: Your sign of the Rabbit can be a little shy when it comes to love and romance. That doesn’t mean you don’t have your opinions. It’s just that you prefer to keep them to yourself until you get to know someone better. Good thing the year of the earth Dog allows you to move at your preferred slower pace, getting to know someone new in your life.

If you’re single and seeking a committed relationship, safety and security may be on your mind. After all, it’s tough to be vulnerable if you can’t find trust within yourself. Loyalty is also so important to your sign that it’s tough to move on unless you feel you have it. Having “the talk” may be wise around the solar eclipse of July 12, when you’re both feeling more relaxed about where you’re going.

If you’re already in a couple, this same timeframe gives you a chance to reconnect. Too much time has been spent working and stressing out about the small things that you may have forgotten about each other. Getting together at your partner’s favorite restaurant shows them you’re thinking of them in a personal way, and cements your bond anew.

By early winter, think about getting away from it all on a vacation or getaway that forces you out of your comfort zone a little. Doing fun things together makes you both laugh so hard, and the silly pictures you take provide a way to reconnect with these fun times long after you make your way home again.

Year of 2018: Rabbit, your health could use some work, as worrying can cause unneeded stress and diminish your immune response.

Under the year of the earth Dog, you’re more dedicated than ever to slow, steady progress toward your health and fitness goals. Being a little more active should be in your agenda by late winter, when your couch potato ways need some sunshine and fresh air. No need to become a weekend warrior or anything. Simply walking, or adding steps each day has you stronger, leaner, and healthier before long.

This year also asks that you make sure to schedule your yearly appointments, check-ups, and dental exams. Though you sometimes talk to yourself out of doing this, they’ll actually make you feel better about your physical self, and prove once and for all that you’re taking care of your body in the best possible way. Self-care should also include stress reduction, and leave time for quiet contemplation.

Year of 2018: Rabbit natives like you need to have a certain amount of security when it comes to your money, or you may get stressed out and panicky. Good thing the year of the earth Dog is a wonderful time to earn more at your job, potentially win some cash, or save and invest so you’re protected long into the future.

April, May, and June are the best months to consider your financial future. As you complete any paperwork and consider what you want to do with your tax refund, make a concrete plan. If you get it and spend it, you’ll derive nothing long-term. But if you have a plan going in, you’re able to put your money to work for you. Comparison shopping for the best interest rates makes you one of the smartest in the zodiac.

As your money grows, think about how to treat yourself for all your hard work, too.

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