Year of 2018: For your sign of the Snake, a lot is riding on this year. You pulled out all the stops last year, trying to prove your worth in love, money, at work, and in your closest relationships.

During the year of the earth Dog, you’ll make some progress toward your goals, but should resist the temptation to make this an “all or nothing” year. This is partly because the Snake gets along okay with the Dog, but things could be better. Your determination to get ahead, particularly on the career front, is strong now. But you may need to get involved with people from time to time who test your patience at work. Temper these challenges with fun pursuits for best results.

Reconnecting with old friends gives you lots of chances to blow off steam while swapping stories that never go out of style. Relationships make you happier than work, which may be stressful from time to time.

Year of 2018: Snakes love to flaunt their self-confidence, which is one of their best traits. Believing in yourself may not always be easy this year, though, particularly on the job. If you’re already employed, you may be scanning the want ads for another position by mid-spring, when things in your workplace get a little too back-stabbing for your tastes.

Good thing the solar eclipse of July 12 helps illuminate your very best traits for potential new employers. If you’re unemployed and looking for new work, the time just after that, in late summer, proves to be the best time for a successful interview to turn into a solid offer.

If you’re looking to advance in your career, remember it’s a slow and steady building year. Try not to confuse or annoy others by demanding more than they can give. Making strong alliances on the job will install you as an important member of the team, and help you leverage this into a higher salary, better perks and even some flex time, if that suits your schedule.

Looking at ways to ensure that everyone in your group succeeds leaves a memorable impression that doesn’t fade. Increasing your skills throughout the year also makes you promotable.

Year of 2018: When it comes to love and romance, Snake natives like you wrote the book. You’re sexy, knowing and crazy charming, which makes you popular with most people.

This year, as the earth Dog energy takes over, your dating life becomes less about the conquest and more about nesting. Your persistence with someone you really like pays off around the lunar eclipse of July 27. If you’ve been trying to see if things could get more serious, chances are they will around this time.

In fact, single Snakes could find the latter half of summer magnetic for attracting someone pretty special. You’re not ready to give up your place just yet, but may be having tons of fun getting to know each other.

For married and partnered Snakes, keeping that sexy vibe going may not always be easy, particularly during the year of the earth Dog. But as your relationship develops, it’s about the quality, not the quantity, of your encounters. Scheduling quality time may be as simple as spinning a globe and planning an incredible vacation, or checking out for a few days to focus on each other. What a joy it is to know you’ve found the perfect person for you, of all the humans in the world.

Success in love also means having to trust. If this is difficult for you, wherever you are in your romantic life, practicing in small ways helps alleviate anxiety. No use making yourself crazy. But working on it a little at a time makes you both happier and more relaxed.

Year of 2018: As a Snake native, one of the things you always need to keep an eye on is your mental state. Sometimes, your moods can get the better of you, and drag you down unnecessarily.

During the year of the earth Dog, you’re asked to work a little more with some of your triggers. Perhaps there’s a person in your life who always makes you feel uncertain or a situation that always ends in tears. Exploring this territory allows you to release what you don’t need to carry anymore, especially during the months of June, July, and August.

As fall approaches, your diet and exercise routine change for the better, as the earth Dog gives you the kind of stamina and willpower you may have been lacking in other years. You’re making so much wonderful progress!

By year-end, think about ways to improve strength, using the earth element to help bring balance and purpose.

Year of 2018: During the year of the earth Dog, almost all signs are likely to do well when it comes to money. But combine that good fortune with your already strong acumen, and you’ve got a recipe for true financial success.

Snakes like you are used to making sure their future is safe and protected by saving and investing money. But this year is somewhat turbo-charged. You’re able to save larger amounts of cash and, after some quick studying, can also determine which investment opportunities are right for you.

Though your independent nature can make you want to go off in your own direction, sometimes putting part of your dough on the safe bet is the best idea. Diversifying around the solar eclipse of August 11 makes your financial planning even stronger, as you hedge against anything you can’t predict in the market.

Don’t forget to enjoy some of your hard-earned money as well, particularly during September and October.

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