Year of 2019: These are happy days for Rabbit natives. This is one of your luckiest years during your twelve-year cycle. The quiet, sedate earth Pig energy is compatible with your even-tempered, low-key attitude. You're a fast thinker with a calm exterior, and you give off an air that you have every opportunity in the palm of your hand. People will be amazed by the way things just fall into place for you.

Rabbits have lots of energy this year. This is a harvest period for you in which many of the things you've been working on for years will finally bear fruit. This is a credit to the hard work you've done. What's important is for you to capitalize on opportunities during this period by taking decisive action, especially when it comes time to submit the invoice.

There is a great deal of positive energy around meeting new people. You might have the opportunity to meet a celebrity and make a connection.

Year of 2019: There is a lot of energy around your career. Rabbit natives can move up the corporate ladder this year. Those who own a business may see it expand through your own efforts. A partnership with a person in a related firm or industry can become a source of new business for you.

The first day of spring (or autumn, if you're south of the equator) begins a period when other people need you and you can trade your skills for dollars. If you’re job hunting during this three-week period, your resume moves to the top of the pile and is seen by the right person. Practice your interview skills with a friend. While you're good at negotiation, you sometimes don't give yourself enough credit. Now it's time to let people see you shine.

The two weeks before and the week after the new moon in May is probably the most significant career period for you all year. A project that was stalled now moves forward. You get the green light to proceed to the next stage or move the project to another team. You're noticed for an accomplishment at work. This is a period of job stability.

Year of 2019: There is very powerful energy around relationships for Rabbit natives this year. It seems all your relationships have something going on. If you're in a love relationship, you will be happy to hear it’s improving and you have an increased feeling of harmony with your sweetheart. You benefit from going out together (rather than just staying home in front of the TV). Try to find social things to do with other couples.

The energy around friendships is mixed because several of your friends seem to be irritated with each other. You're playing peacemaker whenever there's a large get-together. You just want everyone to get along. You might have to play host and counselor to get everyone speaking and happy again. If you're planning to rent a cabin for a group summer vacation, you might want to get some trip insurance.

For those Rabbit natives who are looking for love, the period around the late August supermoon is quite lucky for you. You meet new people who are interested in you in places where many people go to enjoy themselves. This could be shopping malls, beaches, parks, or outdoor concerts. One of these people might want a long-term relationship. Take a chance and have coffee together.

The solar eclipse in late December brings another opportunity for Rabbit natives who are searching for love. There's a surprise visitor communication from a person you haven't talked to in many years. This could lead to a renewed friendship or more.

Year of 2019: Your health and well-being are good this year. You have some protective energy around your physical body. This is a message from the universe that you need to take loving care of yourself. Rabbit natives usually take good care of their bodies by eating right and exercising, but you can suffer from worry, especially about loved ones. Be kind to yourself this year and think happy thoughts.

The late October new moon brings you extra luck around health, and you can find a good doctor (if you've been looking for one) or an excellent health program for yourself.

Just after the full moon in mid-December, Rabbits are full of energy. You’re checking off your long list of things to do with lightning speed. Generally, Rabbit natives move at their own pace, but now it's like a fire has been lit under you. You’re also enlisting the help of others to get tasks done. Good job.

Year of 2019: The year of the earth Pig is a year of positive energy in money, finances, and investments. You may not have thousands to put toward your goals, but this is a good time to open an account. Add even a small amount to your savings to plant a seed. Investing is an area you have a talent for but may have neglected. Consider taking a class or studying online to get your investing knowledge up to speed. This is something you shouldn't neglect this year.

At the time of the full moon in August, you enter a four-week period that is probably the best money month of the year. Money can come to Rabbit natives from multiple sources. You might get a raise at work or sell items you've made. If you have a side business, you will probably see a jump in income.

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