Year of 2019: As the new year begins, Snake natives enter the halfway point of your twelve-year cycle. You are now starting your harvest period, a time to work on projects and connect with people who add to your life materially and spirituality. Reach out now to friends you haven't spoken to in a while. Mentally review the projects you've been working on and your career direction in general. Do a gut check on how you think it's going. If there's a problem, know that you are a problem solver.

You are poised to make powerful connections this year. People will open new doors of opportunity and bring you much more than you expect. To see these opportunities, you need only focus on what you want.

Snake natives are more sensitive than other signs. Snakes are considered very intuitive, even clairvoyant. This year, you can succeed by using your ability to observe. Ask for signs and trust that you will know them when you see them.

Year of 2019: In the chart of Snake natives, your career and work are highlighted. You have the opportunity for steady employment all year. This is good news if you're looking for work. You might have more than one opportunity to choose from, and part-time positions could even lead to full-time if that's the direction you want to go.

Because this is an earth Pig year, you will have to make your goals known. If you keep things to yourself, you won’t receive support as easily. During an opposition year, as you are in, you must toot your own horn.

More than any other time this year, the new moon supermoon in early August marks a period when your powers of persuasion are rocking. You can attract the help you need at work. You can connect with others and delegate some of your workload to their desks.

The full moon in December and a week or two after is a powerful period for you. You can demand what you want from others (in your usual charming way) and receive it. Shoot for the moon (no pun intended). There’s no reason to be modest or shy.

Year of 2019: Because the energy of the earth Pig year is exactly the opposite of the energy of the Snake, it can mean you aren’t as noticeable as usual. This doesn't bother the Snake native because you don’t mind observing from the shadows. But when it comes to love, you want to step out into the warm sunlight and be seen. Assume people are not seeing you and speak up.

The month of April is one of the best relationship periods for you all year. If you're in a dating relationship and you've wanted to take it to the next level, make suggestions and you're likely to get positive feedback.

If you're already in a committed relationship, this same month of April finds the romance increasing. Your sweetheart looks at you with loving eyes, and you have some opportunities for fun between the sheets. And even the quiet evenings spent on the sofa together will be lovely.

If you’re looking for love, mid-May brings you several opportunities. If you can't see them, try looking at the blocks you've put up around yourself. Ask a trusted friend what they think you can change to improve your odds.

The full moon in July is helpful for those looking for love. You could be struck by lightning during this period. Love could hit you like a ton of bricks. To meet this person, get out of the house. Go dancing, attend parties, join groups. Don't feel ready for an in-person encounter? Consider joining one of those online dating websites.

Year of 2019: Snakes usually enjoy good health because you take the time and effort to care for your body. This year you follow your heart and find several new remedies and routines that can bring you more energy, help you rest better, and make you look terrific.

The new moon in late October brings a focus on your feet. New shoes encourage you to move forward. If you've been thinking about a new pair, then it's a yes. Snake natives should care for their feet. Your feet represent your ability to move forward on your life path. Find a comfortable, stylish pair of shoes and start walking.

There is also energy around caring for your skin. Snake natives do best when they care for their skin with lotions, oils, and gentle cleansing. Take particular care during the Mercury retrograde period in July.

Year of 2019: Wise Snakes will keep an eye on their finances this year. Your opportunities can be taken by others during an earth Pig year.
The new moon period in early April finds money opportunities directly connected to your contact with others. You can ask for a raise, go after a promotion, or look for a transfer.

May is a busy month, Money is flowing in, but there's little time for leisure now, and this could have you working on the weekends. That doesn’t make you very happy, but it will feel better when you see your bank account.

If you want to crank out the money, the new moon in November starts the period you've been waiting for. Any seeds you plant now can sprout. Be prepared to reap your harvest. See what the most effective moneymaking methods are for you and do more of those.

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