Year of 2020: Sheep natives can feel happy as the metal Rat year begins to unfold. Sheep and Rat can coexist in the same landscape and not bother one another. In fact, there is nothing about the energy of the Rat that would threaten a Sheep, so you can look at this year as one in which there will be opportunities. Some of them will be taken by fast-moving Rat energy, but there will be plenty left for intelligent, curious Sheep natives. Move quickly to gather what you want this year. Think of what would benefit you first even though you tend to think of others before yourself. You'll find your choices also support your family now.

There’s a lot of communication energy around you this year. You may be writing, teaching, or expanding your personal brand on social media. This is a year in which you can expect to have to make adjustments at times, so you might not be able to say everything you want to say exactly how you want to say it. It's good to be mindful of who will be listening to or reading your content. Stay positive and avoid controversial subjects this year. This will help you connect with others who can help you with your goals.

Home life improves, and your dwelling may become a hub for friends and extended family. Someone you love dearly might move close by you, fulfilling a wish you've had for years. Keep the pantry stocked and the guest room ready for impromptu visits from adult children, cousins, and grandchildren.

Year of 2020: In metal Rat years, the focus is on the practical application of effort to create results. For Sheep natives, this means throwing off busywork and finding more valuable ways to contribute to your company's success (and therefore your own). Find what's really worth your time and effort on your list of things to do and skip the rest if possible.

If you want to change jobs, this is the perfect time to be looking since this is a good year for adjustments. You can focus on skills you've been working on for the last few years and see what jobs are out there that could use a person of your talents and strong work ethic. The easiest shifts would be to transfer within your current company or work for a competing company doing pretty much the same type of work.

The new moon in mid-August brings a manager or higher-up at your company coming to give you some recognition. You're being noticed at work for the good job you're doing. You may be offered a new position or an opportunity to lead a team.

The blue moon at the end of October opens the door for things you've been working on to really start to take shape. Your hard work shows real signs of paying off. If you've been looking for another job, you may receive an offer at this time. If you own a business, you might get some really valuable publicity.

Year of 2020: Love opportunities abound this year. If you're looking for love, it's time to tell friends and family members what you want in a relationship. They can be your emissaries, going out to help you meet the right person. They can also help you remove blocks that you’ve been using to keep yourself “safe” from love. Sheep natives are quite sensitive, and you may have been hurt in the past. It's time to release that old energy, especially if that “old energy” is someone from your past you're hoping will return.

If you're already part of a connected pair, it's good to add a little spice to your relationship this year. Consider doing new things with your partner. Find an article online with 50 suggestions of things to do on a date and commit to trying each one. This will raise the vibration of your relationship to a new level.

The new moon in late February is great if you're looking for love. There are some new people to meet connected with parks, a school, or a social organization. When it comes to love, think unconventionally. Think about going out with someone you may not consider your “type” but you still find interesting.

The full moon in early April benefits your current love relationship. If you've wanted to move this partnership forward to something more exclusive or permanent, now is the time. You can talk about moving in together or getting engaged. This may seem sudden to some of your friends, but the stars are aligning to support this next step.

Year of 2020: Sheep natives do well when you take extra care of yourself. During the fast-paced metal Rat year, it's challenging to find the time in your schedule to take good care of your body, but the benefits are really noticeable when you do. This year, the energy is good for you to take up dance, running, biking, or hiking. Consider physical activities you can do with a friend to make it more fun.

Your health also improves through positive thinking. This is a good year to turn off the media and take up quiet meditation. Turn on pleasant music. Say positive affirmations. Do chanting or other helpful spiritual practices.

The new moon in late May shows that you deserve a break. You've been working hard and now it's time to have a little fun. It's a good idea to check your work/life balance. Even if you feel behind at work, getting refreshed through some play will help your productivity overall.

Year of 2020: In the profit-driven metal Rat year, if you stick to long-term thinking, you can find some investments to protect your money. If you're new to investing, this is a great year to learn about it. But avoid paying large sums to learn about special investing techniques. Stick to the tried-and-true methods found for free in books and on trusted websites.

The new moon in late April brings much financial energy. This is a good time to get with family members and discuss investments and retirement savings. Also look into college savings plans for your children's future. Work done in these areas now will bring lots of luck in the future.

The full moon in early May shows that your finances continue to be strong. This is a good time to look into eliminating unnecessary spending to maximize investments. You may want to meet with your investment adviser or take another look at your investment strategies.

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