pig Yearly Chinese Horoscopes for 2021

Year of 2021

Pig natives can rejoice as you enter the harmonious year of the metal Ox. This gentle, quiet energy focuses on what’s practical and important. After the chaotic energy of the previous year, you can now rebuild your life. You begin 2021 more behind the scenes. You're happily ensconced at home, enjoying your comfortable sofa in your well-appointed sanctuary. As the year progresses, though, you have more social opportunities and interesting events to attend.

The disruptive energy of the previous year has not dampened your jovial spirits. Pig natives are among the most patient of the signs. And as you move forward, you see how you can be of service to your family and to the world. You’re entering the third year of your 12-year cycle, a seed-planting year. The focus is on doing new things. This can include moving to a new residence, forming a new relationship, or changing careers. It's quite possible that in 2020, you returned to a job that you had done years ago. This is common during the three-year seed-planting period, as it can feel like new ventures are not really taking hold. But now that you’ve tread over that same territory once again, you're ready to set off in a new direction.

This year many people will be at your disposal, ready to help and support you in your goals. Any barriers to the assistance you want just seem to dissolve away. Your intuition is very strong. You sense the timing and synchronicity as the Universe lines up chance meetings and coincidental opportunities. By the end of the year, you will have some amazing stories to tell!

If you have not changed jobs in the last year or so, it’s probable that a new opportunity will come up. The same goes for changes at home. You may be moving, doing renovations, or redecorating this year. Your relationships are more stable and your circle of friends is expanding. A new vehicle is possible. There can be increased interaction with neighbors and siblings. Your finances also become more stable.

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