rabbit Yearly Chinese Horoscopes for 2021

Year of 2021

For Rabbit natives, 2021 can be quite an abundant year. The resources you need and the help you want are all available to you. What’s required is asking and asking until you get what you want. Over the last few years, you have amassed friends and connections, knowledge and wisdom. And now, you can call in those favors from people and the Universe.

All the necessary tools for following the career path you want are available to you. It's time to be confident. Consider applying for jobs, even if you don't exactly fit the list of qualifications. You are resourceful and smart. If you’re interested in a job, this is the year to put in your application and throw your hat in the ring. Approach interviews with self-assurance and an understanding that you are as worthy as anyone else applying.

This year, secrets will be revealed to you. It's like you have a magic truth-telling wand that you can point in any direction you want. What you’ve wanted to know, and what’s been hidden from you, now comes forth. This will be true in relationships as well as in business situations. This is also a year where you’ll need to recognize your own personal truth. See where you may have been either overly optimistic or overly pessimistic about situations. It's time to look at your life objectively.

While things are going well, the challenge this year is a nagging sensation at the back of your mind that the other shoe is about to drop. Rabbit natives are highly intuitive. So when the world is going through changes and turmoil, you can pick up on it and identify it as your own feelings. It's important to recognize when you’re okay and when you really do need to make changes for yourself.

Overall, there’s more stability for you. There was quite a bit of disruption last year. But this year, you will see that life is much more steady and peaceful—just the way you like it.

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