snake Yearly Chinese Horoscopes for 2021

Year of 2021

For Snake natives, the harmonious energy of 2021 could make it an extremely busy year. Opportunities are rolling in from several directions. In February, you'll be able to take a breath and relax. But by early March, you can expect to be sliding along at a good clip—and you may not slow down for the rest of the year. Some opportunities will take you forward into new territory. Others will bring people from your past, positions from companies you’ve worked for before, and projects you’re familiar with. And if you get bored, there will be plenty of options to shift directions whenever you want.

You are following your life path this year. The topics and projects that interest you now have a bigger pull in your life. Spiritually, you feel more aligned. And you may be exploring ways of feeling plugged into the messages of your higher self, such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, or chanting. You’re gaining insight into the inner you. You're also moving more confidently toward your goals, recognizing that the Universe is offering assistance.

There are opportunities for travel, especially unexpected trips. And while these trips could put a dent in your credit card balance, the experiences you’ll have will be worth it. With a little bit of research, it’s possible to find some true bargains while you’re traveling, and also travel economically. A trip to a lush and verdant land will most likely yield a lifetime friendship.

There are some challenges around taking care of yourself, as you're finding it hard to stick with your usual exercise routine. Your work and/or school schedule may be interrupting your workout. But it's more likely that you're just bored with doing the same thing. You need to explore some new ways of getting exercise. At some point during the year, you may flip priorities. Suddenly, a sport or activity becomes more important to you—and now you have trouble squeezing work and school into your schedule. Activities like rock climbing, archery, sailing, and long-distance cycling are all possibilities.

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