ox Yearly Chinese Horoscopes for 2021

Year of 2021

Congratulations, Ox natives! This is your year! Beginning now and for the next three years, it's time for you to plant seeds. Picture yourself on acres of fertile land. You have bags of seeds and the knowledge of how to be a great farmer. It's time to apply what you've learned over the past 12 years to garner new opportunities.

Focusing on just one thing is risky, so diversification is important—starting with friendships. You already have a very good circle of friends. But this year, your sphere of influence can expand greatly. There are opportunities to meet helpful people from all walks of life. There will be some with whom you share a strong spiritual connection. Some friends will be there when you need support. And some acquaintances will be around whenever you want to throw a party.

Education is highlighted this year. You may be graduating with a degree or gaining a job certification through testing. If you're starting out in school this year, you’ll enjoy it immensely as teachers and fellow students welcome you. If it's been a while since you were in school, you'll fall right back into the enjoyable routine of studying and going to lectures.

There's good energy around legal matters this year, including getting agreements signed or completing an existing lawsuit. You can easily find helpful people to support you, such as lawyers and paralegals. Negotiations with contracts will go smoothly. And when there are delays, they will be to your benefit.

The challenge this year centers around shifts in your career. Ox natives don't necessarily like a lot of change, and yet there are changes happening in your industry which you'll have to accommodate. It’s possible that your company will be bought or that you’ll get a new manager. New procedures will come down the pipe, and you will need to adapt to new technologies.

There are some delays with travel. Going abroad will be more challenging for Ox natives, and you may have to postpone or even cancel a vacation.

Overall, though, it’s a very strong year for Ox natives. Through good connections and your growing skillset, you can make substantial gains.

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