Pig Yearly Chinese Horoscope

Year of 2022

In Harmony with Destiny

The year of the water Tiger is at hand, and for you, Pig, it will reveal some surprising opportunities. You may not know this, but each sign has a secret friend within the Chinese zodiac—and your secret friend is the Tiger. So while many will feel the wild and unpredictable energy of the water Tiger year, you will have more luck. 2022 brings amazing people for you to connect with, as well as job opportunities and financial gains.

You are in the fourth year of your 12-year cycle. If you consider the 12-year cycle like a year on the farm, this is the beginning of summer. The hard work of planting is over, and now it's time to wait and watch things grow. This means that the changes and adjustments you made over the last few years are starting to pay off. Now life becomes more peaceful. But if you apply some effort, many great things can happen. It's time to nurture the seedlings you have planted. You could be building a company team, meeting your neighbors, and expanding your circle of friends.

Your luck this year is with connections to groups and organizations. As you put a wish out to many people, the collective energy seems to pull together to bring you the resources and opportunities you're looking for. And the great news is that, since you’re naturally community-minded, you’ll have no trouble connecting with the collective energy.

In 2022, there are challenges in your career. Your company could be going through changes, or perhaps the industry itself is adjusting to shifts in the world. It's likely you've developed some skills that could translate to another job, or even another industry. What's important is to be mindful about the financial health of the company you work for. Also be aware of any plans to automate that could end up eliminating your position. This is the area of your life in which you’ll need to be flexible.

During the water Tiger year, success comes through recognizing the many resources available to you. There's a cornucopia of opportunities, including money to start a business, knowledgeable people to guide you, supportive family members, and possibly a great relationship. You might want to start off the year by making a list of the blessings you have. Then, through the power of "like attracts like," you will see more abundance flow towards you.

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