Horse Yearly Chinese Horoscope

Year of 2023

Believing and Achieving

There’s exciting and sometimes contentious energy coming up with the year of the water Rabbit. Horse, you like to move swiftly and confidently, but now the energy requires a little bit more tact and thoughtfulness. You might feel impatient as you wait for the gates to open so you can run free. But this is not the time to rush. The year 2023 is a time for you to step back, take a break and focus on inner growth. You can strengthen your relationships, find new ways to communicate with people and work on interesting projects this year.

Horse, you are now in the tenth year of your twelve-year cycle. If you consider the twelve-year cycle like a year on the farm, this is the beginning of winter. The pantry is fully stocked and overflowing. Snow is beginning to fall. This is a time when you can settle into a happy routine, spending more time with friends and family and doing activities you enjoy. New opportunities are based on your past experiences and skills. This can be an easier year for you.

You have very lucky energy around relationships this year. Horse natives can meet someone for a love relationship or close friendship. You can also heal old relationships, ones that might have been rocky in the past. In addition, you can find mentors, teachers and influencers who are willing to help you in your business. Many of these connections will be part of the network of people you already know.

This can be a creative year, and you are challenged to put your creations out into the world. If you have kids, you might find that they need your help more than in previous years. And so you could be quite busy giving guidance or material support to those you care about the most. Some Horse natives will gain additional responsibilities by adding a child to the family or by adopting new pets.

Because 2023 is a quieter year, you might want to do more traveling. This is a good time to expand your knowledge through formal education by finishing up a four-year degree or getting certified in a new skill. Horse, you might even combine these positive energies and take classes in a foreign country or learn a foreign language. 

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