Sheep Yearly Chinese Horoscope

Year of 2023

Benefits Flow to You

Harmonious energy arrives with the year of the water Rabbit. After a couple of tough years, Goat, now you can celebrate as opportunities flow in more easily and people are there to assist you when you need it. This is a much more social year when you can connect with a lot of new people, visit new places and enjoy memorable experiences. The energy of 2023 will help hone your intuitive ability, allowing you to manifest what you want through visualization and goal setting. There is some truly happy energy for Goat natives this year.

You are now in the ninth year of your twelve-year cycle. If you consider the twelve-year cycle like a year on the farm, this is the end of autumn. There is an abundance of every kind of food available. The pantry and dinner table are overflowing. Friends and family come together to celebrate the success of the harvest. Goat, for you, this means a possible promotion at work, a job that pays more money plus great connections to interesting and helpful people. And when it comes to romance, love is there when you want to take a chance.

Your luck is connected to your daily life, and you will see opportunities wherever you go. You get the great parking place, score the extra discount at the store or show up at exactly the right time. Your good habits multiply into positive results. A little bit of exercise helps your health considerably. A little bit of extra work brings you accolades from your supervisor.

Every year has some challenges, Goat, and yours are around home and family. Not everyone in the family may be having an easy time. You might be asked to give advice, provide a safe haven or help out someone financially. There could be changes around your home with renovations, repairs or even moving (though that is less likely).

The year of the water Rabbit gives you opportunities to gain more. In your twelve-year cycle, you are at a time of abundance. You can look for funding for your business, low-interest loans to consolidate debt or some relief from student loan payments. Goat natives can find the resources to pay for school. People will give you a place to stay when you travel, and experts will give you the information you need without charge. 

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