Snake Yearly Chinese Horoscope

Year of 2023

Your Desires are Attainable

Snake, there are many opportunities for you in 2023 if you’re willing to initiate action. The year of the water Rabbit is harmonious energy, which means you can rely on your intuition and excellent powers of observation to see when to move forward and when to hold back. Others might pull you in different directions, but you’ll know which way to go if you trust your gut. This energy is good for both relationships and career prospects. It won’t take very long for you to settle into the groove.

In the year of the water Rabbit, you are in the eleventh year of your twelve-year cycle. If you consider the twelve-year cycle like a year on the farm, this is the middle of winter. Conditions out in the world might not be so hospitable, but you have everything you need at your fingertips. Snake, there are opportunities to make money, connect with friends, and find support. You can profit from the experience you’ve amassed over the last ten years. You can enjoy the benefits from the hard work you’ve already done.

Your luck in 2023 is centered around resources from others. When you need something, it can come to you quite easily. This would include help on projects, financing for a business and friends you can trust. You might find you can pull money together for different types of investments. Additionally, others show you a path forward that gets you to your goal more quickly. Snake, it might be the middle of winter in your twelve-year cycle, but, metaphorically speaking, you have a fully stocked pantry and a warm house to be in.

It’s important to get into good habits, especially concerning diet and exercise. This year, it would be quite easy to fall into bad routines. Additionally, you might be saddled with more work as your company reduces staff. You can easily find a new job, but if you want to stay where you are you’ll need to find ways to not work so hard.

It’s possible you’ll consider starting a business this year. This is a good time to test the marketplace and do a soft launch. This is a time to hone skills, get an education, earn a degree and do the research necessary for bigger projects in the future. 

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