Rabbit Yearly Chinese Horoscope

Year of 2024

Better Days Have Arrived!

It’s the year of the wood Dragon, %s, and this brings an easier year than last year. Some of the changes you made last year are taking hold and feeling more comfortable. You still might be somewhat dissatisfied with how things are unfolding, but you can choose to make changes this year when it comes to your job, residence, or important relationships. While the energy is in flux and you’re in motion this year, the storm has passed and there is smoother sailing ahead.

Rabbit, you are in the second year of your twelve-year cycle. This is your second year of seed planting. If you consider the twelve-year cycle like a year on the farm, this is the middle of spring. Rabbit, the more seeds you plant and the more new things you do, the bigger your harvest will be in a few years. Seed planting years can be challenging because you can’t see what’s going to work yet. It’s important to stay flexible and pivot if you see a better way to go forward.

In 2024, you will have more luck with friendships. Synchronicity will help you meet the right person who can help you open doors in the direction you want to go. You also have luck when you get involved in organizations and groups. There’s strength in numbers, and you can tap into the power of many people who support your position. You also have luck when it comes to technology, and this could bring you the equipment or the tech people you need right when you need them.

In a wood Dragon year, you could have some challenges regarding education. It might take extra effort to juggle your schedule, deal with school administrators, or overcome your boredom with the process. There also might be some challenges around accreditation, certification, or licensing. You can overcome these obstacles through diligent attention to detail.

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