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Tiger Yearly Chinese Horoscope

Year of 2024

You’re Finding New Adventures

Tiger, in Chinese astrology, the powerful Dragon guards the East and the ferocious Tiger guards the West. They are equally matched in many ways. And in 2024, that powerful energy is available to you. You will likely feel more energetic. In fact, you could be bouncing off the walls. You are born with the courage to take risks and go farther than most people are willing to go, but now, with the wood Dragon energy, you can go even farther. This year, you have rockets attached to your skates and there are no guardrails.

You are in the third year of your twelve-year cycle and in the last year of seed planting. If you consider the twelve-year cycle like a year on the farm, this is the time when spring turns into summer. It’s quite a busy time. You could be starting late spring crops (new projects, your own business, meeting new people, seeing new places) so that you can have a big harvest in a few months. You’re also fighting weeds (obstacles, self-doubt, time constraints) that threaten your crops. It’s a good thing you have more energy this year, Tiger, because you’re going to be very busy.

In 2024, your luck is spread throughout your chart. This type of luck protects you from making foolish mistakes and generally keeps you out of harm’s way. That doesn’t mean you can jump out of a plane without a parachute. It means that if the main cord doesn’t work, the emergency rip cord will. This year, you can take calculated risks (indeed, the Universe is encouraging you to do so), but it’s still a good idea to wear a seat belt.

Where you need to work hard is in your career. You have a shot at making some huge gains, but there is a steep climb ahead. Don’t expect the process of getting a new job or raise to be an easy one this year. But if you make a focused effort, you can be successful.

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